To dream gifts: analysis of the dream of five dream books

To dream gifts nice. But what does this symbol mean? Interpretation of popular interpreters of sleep will help to understand this.

Russian dream book

To give gifts in a dream means that you will soon bring some very good news to someone from your surroundings, or you will literally be able to present a gift to a loved one or friend. If they give you, wait for the good news.

The feeling in a dream that you can not give a person yourself, predicts some difficulties in communicating with loved ones, material troubles and wastes.

Small Veles dream

Treats the gift symbol in a dream less rosy. According to him, to give an expensive gift to a friend - to quarrel with him, but to receive it means that you are waiting for good news and profits.

New modern dream book

The interpreter positively interprets the symbol of the gift in a dream, but if you don’t need it or don’t like it, it is a psychological discomfort, a meeting with an energetic vampire, or even damage.

Slavic dream book

It is believed that giving gifts in a dream - to waste and ruin, but to receive - to an unexpected profit.

Female dream book

To dream in a lot of gifts for an unmarried woman promises a quick marriage with a wealthy good man, for a married woman the same dream predicts mutual understanding with her husband and relatives.

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