To dream belly: the interpretation of a dream

To dream of a belly - yours or someone else's - is, according to many dream-books, to prosperity. And the bigger it is, the brighter the prospects. But there are other interpretations of the dream.

What the belly dreams about: a general interpretation of a symbol

Fat belly - the growth of savings and getting a good income. At the same time, a skinny belly is an unreasonable financial cost, love failures, the appearance of ill-wishers.

Surgery on the abdomen - in real life it will take an effort to save family happiness and business success. See from the side of your own cut belly - property losses. But something is put into the wound, then all the lost will be returned in a multiplied form. Such a dream symbolizes unexpected wealth.

Abdominal wound is treated as follows:

  • bullet - dangerous events in which a person will be directly involved, or a difficult situation;
  • stabbing - discord with your loved one, which can cause a rupture of relationships, or the unkind plans of enemies;
  • painful blow - a threat to the financial situation, the deprivation of life's goods, the inability to resist the circumstances of life.

There is no navel on the stomach - strong shocks, loss of a loved one, strong shock. For a married woman, sleep can mean the illness and death of her husband. Seeing from the side of the belly of a pregnant woman - arrived and success, as gifts of fate. Touch his hand - a sudden enrichment or separation.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Hole in the abdomen - a warning about the existing disease of the abdominal cavity. To dream of a transparent belly - information leakage. All home secrets can be made public.

Breaking up the peritoneum - in real life, a person will receive a warning about the danger facing him. The second interpretation of the dream - the near death of someone from relatives.

Dream Miller

To dream about your belly is thick enough - to favorable changes in real life. If the skin on the body looks flabby - it is necessary to beware of slander. Well pumped press, which shows the cubes, foreshadows the overcoming of all obstacles to its goal.

To see a bare belly in a dream - to the loss of a close relative, betrayal and trouble on the love front.

Hairy belly - a symbol of the fact that a person needs to reconsider their relationship with other people. If this is a man's belly and he dreams of a girl, then this is for crazy money.

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