Tip 3: What awaits a woman from family life after the wedding: tips for men

Men, caring for pretty ladies, conquer their soul, feelings, thoughts, achieve attachment to themselves. Girls, falling in love with them, stop eating and sleeping. Then the wedding, and then everyone has their own scenario: someone's women's expectations are met, and someone's are crumbling with terrible force. After getting married, women seem to have exactly what they always wanted - a feeling of security, confidence in the future, a strong shoulder that you can rely on. Many men after the wedding believe that now there is nothing to achieve. The courtship ends, the attitude from the more anxious changes to its own, life turns into gray days.
Not every man understands that if the courtship continues after the wedding, he will open his wife from the new side, acquaintance with her will continue, turning into a new adventure.So what does a woman expect from family life?
Women by nature love to communicate, they just need it. After marrying, the representative of the weaker sex sees in her husband not only a lover, but also a friend, interlocutor, whom she can entrust with secrets, dreams, or just hear the opinion of a loved one, get advice. She appreciates family life, as a communication that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, men, on the contrary, very often like to be silent. They often run away from his wife’s conversations, plunging into a soft couch for watching a favorite show, or they urgently need to visit the garage, or the most common option - the Internet sucks them. What do women get? Dissatisfaction in communication, the increase in tension. Whatever the circumstances surrounding us, in a happy family, each spouse must learn to reckon with the interests and needs of the other.
Sense of compassion
Another innate feeling peculiar to women is compassion. They feel very sorry for those who need help, they feel sorry for the animals, they feel sorry for abandoned children. And all this very easily spoils their mood.As a result, they themselves turn into helpless, in such a situation, women are in great need of compassion. They need so little - a hug of her beloved husband and three cherished words - "I love you."
Many men generally believe that all this is nonsense, and nothing to snot dismiss. In addition, most men tend in cases where a woman does not succeed, instead of compassionate, on the contrary, add that she herself is to blame.
Endless celebration of life
Probably there are few girls who do not like flowers, gifts, surprises. After getting married, there is an illusion that there will be only more of these romantic little things, and not only on holidays, but simply as a sign of great love. And by the way, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something tangible, is it not romantic to just take your favorite hand or hug the waist when you go somewhere together. The truth of life is such that usually after marriage women rarely receive flowers, gifts and surprises. Sometimes the holidays go unnoticed. And if you want romance, maybe something will turn out, if you hint long and hard about this to your husband.
Sense of affection
Women really need her, it gives them a sense of security, a testimony of loyalty and love of her husband.The feeling of security, the feeling that is necessary for a woman, the feeling “like behind a stone wall”.
How offensive and hard it was when a woman waited her beloved husband all day from work, prepared delicacies, and when he came home, she sat down at the computer, and as if she didn’t notice her existence at all, but treated the prepared dinner as due. But women sometimes need so little - just sit down next to you, take a pen, look into your eyes and just ask. "How was your day."
Many women always enjoy moments of intimacy and enjoy it. But if in one day they do not get even a little bit of communication, compassion, romance and affection, then you can forget about passion. And if a man had time, then when evening comes, his wife simply will not be able not to respond to his passion.
Helpful advice
Dear men, do not look and do not regard your wives as a piece of furniture, as a cook or as the mother of your children. They remain the same, for whom you once looked so beautiful, gave flowers, sang serenades. And they want so much that this does not end in marriage, if not so often, but it was.After all, in order for family happiness to be long, both should try, and these efforts should not consist only in the domestic plan, there must be mutual understanding, mutual respect and, of course, love.

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