Tip 2: How to warm up the car in the cold

Winter conditions create additional trouble for car owners. You have to think about the upcoming trip in advance, preparing the car the day before and leaving early in the morning to warm up after a frosty night. This is the specifics of the Russian climate.
How to warm up the car in the cold
One of the common effects of a frosty night is frozen door locks. To avoid such surprises with you, when you would have to get into the cabin through the luggage compartment, do prophylaxis. In winter, periodically, especially before the expected frosts, inject WD-40 aerosol or its analogs into the larvae of the castles.
If, however, the locks are frozen, warm them up by turning on a regular hair dryer to dry your hair. In the event that the power supply is not available, attach a hot water heater to the lock. In the absence of a heating pad, you can use a plastic bag filled with boiling water. You can heat the key on the flame of the lighter and then try to open the lock.
The next moment is glass.If the machine is standing in a lockable garage, leave one glass not fully closed. This will prevent the glasses from freezing. In other cases, leaving the car for the night, open all the doors for a couple of minutes and ventilate the interior. Excess moisture will leave and the temperature in the cabin and on the street will be relatively balanced.
Do not put your car in the upcoming frosty night with a parking brake. After the trip and the accompanying braking on the heated pads, moisture is formed, which then, after freezing, can “glue” the pads. It is better to limit the inclusion of 1st gear.
Before the frosty night it will be useful to take the battery into the house. If he remained in the car, turning on the ignition, do not rush to start the engine. Turn on the high beam headlights for a couple of minutes - this will warm up the electrolyte and revive chemical reactions. Remember, at the time of the inclusion of the starter is the greatest voltage drop. Do not do frequent multiple starts.
Having started the engine, start heating the cabin in small modes of the stove, turning on the internal air circulation. Movement without load can be started before the engine reaches its operating temperature - this way it and the cabin will heat up faster.
Do not resort to towing a frozen vehicle, towing it, especially if it is a car with an automatic transmission.
Helpful advice
If your car in a paid parking lot and the listed methods of warming up have failed, contact the special services.

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