Tip 2: How to get rid of yambler.net

When using licensed antivirus software, there are usually no difficulties. In this case, the Uninstall utility is usually supplied with the software, which painlessly removes your antivirus from your computer. If for some reason you don’t have it, try using standard Windows tools to get rid ofantivirus.
Go to the control panel (Start - Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs) and remove your anti-virus program. Sometimes this is enough, but most often the antivirus is written much deeper on your hard disk, and if you delete this method, a lot of “garbage” remains that can later interfere with the normal operation of the computer.
Disable all services that your antivirus runs. In the command line (Start - Run) write the Services.msc command, in the window that opens, turn off services that are a bit similar to the antivirus you are trying to get rid of. Usually they are located at the top of the list.
Also need to clean the registry.To do this, type regedit in the command line and in the registry editor that opens, use the “search” function to find and delete the remaining files of the uninstalled program (be sure to back up the registry before this action).
After that, log me in again. Start Start Search, and in the field that opens, enter the name of the remoteantivirus. If there are any files left, just delete them.
You can use separate utilities to remove antiviruses, which create the majority of well-known manufacturers of antivirus software for their programs.

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