Tip 2: Adenoids: pathological hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsil

In the nasopharynx, the child has several tonsils, the main function of which is to protect the body from foreign microorganisms. "Adenoids" is an enlarged amygdala in size. If a child's immune system is normal and the amygdala performs the protective functions assigned to it, then after 12 years the adenoids are no longer scary, as they will begin to decrease in size.
The amygdala is located very close to the internal openings of the auditory tubes and nasal passages. Even with a small growth of the tonsil, hearing and nasal breathing are impaired. In addition, the enlarged tonsil tissue is a favorable medium for the reproduction of various microbes, which can provoke inflammation of the adenoid tissue, that is, adenoiditis, as a result of which the child will have a constant runny nose.
Persistent discharge that flows into the throat, contribute to the appearance of cough, which, in turn, can lead to sinusitis, tracheitis, bronchitis. As a result, the child is constantly sick.In addition, a violation of nasal breathing leads to oxygen starvation of a young body, which adversely affects the nervous system and immunity (irritability, fatigue). Due to lack of oxygen, the child will breathe through his mouth, which will lead to a change in the shape of the facial skeleton. Most often, adenoids are the result of a weak baby’s immune system. Therefore, the child's body increases lymphoid tissue to increase the protective function of the body.
It is important to remember that in any disease the immune system weakens and the treatment of only adenoids does not fix the problem. This requires a comprehensive treatment: the treatment of the adenoids themselves (following all the recommendations of the ENT to destroy the inflammatory process (nasal washing, ointment, drops in the nasal passages). If the child regularly suffers from inflammation of the nose or ear, constantly breathing with an open mouth, the doctor can refer to removal of adenoids. Despite this extreme measure, in this case it is necessary to trust a specialist.); strengthening the immunity of the child (healthy proper nutrition, hardening and proper care are very important (adherence to the day regimen, walks, elimination of stress and negative emotions). Medicinal preparations can be prescribed to strengthen the immune system).

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