Tiled carpets: commercial and domestic coatings

Characteristics of tiled carpet

Tiled carpet is different from the usual, roll, production technology, method of laying and partly - in appearance. The bottom base of the flooring is made of a thin woven frame, consisting of several layers of reinforced fiberglass. The fibers of the material are perpendicular to each other, forming a solid structure that is resistant to deformation and wear.

Between themselves, the layers of fiberglass are connected with a solution of polyvinyl chloride and bitumen resins. The same mixture fixes the top fleecy coating. When it freezes, a strong composite material is formed, rigid and dense.

The fleecy coating itself is also made from man-made materials (polymer fibers). The most commonly used polyamide or nylon. They are uniformly painted throughout the thickness and perimeter, so that they have an aesthetic appearance.Pile does not wear out and does not shed, it is resistant to water and other external negative factors.

Tiled carpet fit sections, which facilitates the work. The sizes of each module differ from different manufacturers, but most often they are 500 * 500 mm. Thickness varies from 6 to 14 mm. At the same time the floor covering is easy to transport - its specific weight is in the range of 4.5-5.5 kg / m.

The advantages of tiled carpet

The characteristics of tiled carpet make it a good choice for a large commercial space. In addition, the flooring is easy to install and convenient in subsequent operation. It is easily cleaned from pollution and does not lose its shape.

The front pile part of synthetic material has good heat and sound insulation qualities. It retains heat, therefore it is also suitable for domestic, household premises - it is pleasant to walk on tiled carpet with bare feet.

The artificial materials from which the tiled carpet is made are fireproof. They are not subject to natural destruction, rotting. Unlike natural materials (cotton, cellulose), harmful microorganisms and moldy fungi do not start in this flooring.

Dense rigid base provides a secure fit. The edges and corners of the modular tiles do not rise or lift, remaining even and safe even for small children.

Especially suitable tiled carpet in rooms where there will be massive heavy furniture, pressing on the flooring. It is resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion. In addition, the modular carpet quickly restore shape.

The structure of the polymer fibers, from which the fleecy coating is made, prevents the penetration of dirt, sand, dust, dyes and grease. Therefore, it is possible to carry out general cleaning in the premises less often, and for everyday care it is enough to walk with a regular vacuum cleaner or a brush. Pile is resistant to household chemicals, any detergent can be used to clean it.

If one of the modules of the structure is damaged or damaged, there is no need to reset the entire coating. It is enough to replace one tile, which makes the operation of the floor carpet even more economical.

Almost all purchased modular carpet will be used for its intended purpose.Waste materials are not more than 1-5%, which is significantly lower than that of the roll analog, the unused residue of which can be up to 30%.

Commercial and household tiled carpet

The stores feature a wide selection of tiled carpet. The material differs in appearance and color, basis (it can be made of jute, rubber, latex, textile), type of pile (needle-piercing, loop, Berber) and height (from 2 to 40 mm).

But the main selection criterion should be the type of room in which tiled carpet will be used. Basically the floor covering is divided into 2 types:

  • Domestic. This carpet is used in household, domestic premises. Often used not in city apartments, but in country houses and in private houses. Suitable for rooms with a large area, because it does not require much time for laying. It has a warm, soft pile of medium length. The basis is often made from textiles, but there are other options. The exterior design and colors are very diverse: you can choose the color scheme suitable for the interior, choose the original design or an unusual decorative element.This carpet does not absorb grease and dust, quickly cleared of spilled drinks and other contaminants. Dense pile reliably adjoins to a floor.
  • Commercial. Used in office, retail and other industrial premises. Often you can meet in restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and other public places through which a large flow of people passes. Differs in greater density and even greater durability compared to domestic. The size of the modular tiles is somewhat larger, so you can lay the flooring quickly. This option is more expensive than domestic, but also much stronger. At home, these characteristics are unnecessary, but the best option for commercial premises is not found. The design of the carpet is more concise and versatile.

Sometimes in separate categories allocate exhibition and children's tiled carpet. Exhibition is used in the halls of art galleries, expositions, stairs. The technical characteristics of it is closer to commercial, but somewhat inferior in durability and strength. Prices for the exhibition carpet is also slightly lower, but significantly higher than the household.

Children's tiled carpet is included in the group of household flooring, but is more soft. Pile is most often high, the materials are exclusively hypoallergenic. The design is carried out with the presence of bright decorative elements, drawings, prints. On such a carpet, you can safely walk barefoot, without fear of long-standing dirt and dangerous microorganisms, and the smooth surface makes it safe even for very young children who are just learning to walk.

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