Tilan, move over! Found the new most beautiful girl in the world

And it is not like any previous one.

Once this unofficial, but very flattering title was won by the French Tilan Blondeau. The whole world admired the unusual beauty of this baby. Now she is an adult and continues to make a career in the modeling field. Petersburg woman Anna Pavag was also the most beautiful. She is now eight years old and she is one of the most sought after children's models. Last year, another Russian woman, Anastasia Knyazeva, won the title. A girl with dark blond long hair and huge blue eyes easily and quickly conquered both the Internet and the real world. But now they all have to make room.

the most beautiful girl in the world
Anastasia Knyazeva
Photo: @anna_knyazeva_official
the most beautiful girl in the world
Anna Pavag
Photo: @annapavaga

Another 20 hours ago, this girl had 20 thousand subscribers on Instagram. Today there are already more than 77 thousand, and there are only eleven photographs on the page. And surely this is just the beginning. Jar is five years old and lives in Nigeria with her parents and her two sisters, Jomi and Joboy. Everything is beautiful, but Jare is perhaps the most unusual appearance.

July 20, 2018 at 12:23 PDT

Skin of the color of dark chocolate, luxurious mop of curly hair, incredibly bright eyes - the girl woke up famous after her photo was placed on her page by the famous photographer Mofe Bamouyi. "Is this a man?" It's an angel! ”He signed the snapshot.

July 20, 2018 at 10:55 PDT

Until now, none of the three sisters had any model experience. But now it is clear that girls can have a great future in this field. In any case, the feature “Baby models” with contacts for possible cooperation has already appeared on their page. And they already have to deal with fakes - on Instagram, the fake pages that the sisters allegedly lead began to multiply. Well, welcome to the world of celebrities!

In the meantime, the sisters make up the portfolio, let's admire our most beautiful girl in the world, Anastasia Knyazeva. Still, surprisingly angelic-looking baby!

July 31, 2018Natalya Evgenieva
a guest31.07.18 19:13

The photo of the little dark girl is really mesmerizing, which cannot be said about Knyazeva and Pavag. Ordinary girls, in my opinion just children, there are many of them (they don’t have something to attract)

a guest01.08.18 17:20

Fascinating, do not argue. Very high quality photoshop.You look at the photo of this beauty without photoshop. Pretty black woman, no more. They were there in the picture a few were photographed, so I was not able to determine exactly which one of them is the same type of color. The eyes suddenly became smaller, the nose was wider, the mouth was larger and the oval of the face lost its elegance. Here are three of them in the picture, and none matched.

a guest01.08.18 17:46

Zadolbali already with the most beautiful girls every day a new beauty

a guest01.08.18 18:58


a guest01.08.18 20:22

It seems like Pimenova was the most beautiful!

a guest02.08.18 08:08

no one can be more beautiful. All beautiful

a guest02.08.18 08:25

Children should smile and not be with the icy face of a beauty. Beautiful that the movement. The faces of girls are like masks. It can not be beauty !!! We smile when we see a funny face with emotions.

a guest02.08.18 10:34

To me, these girls don't seem beautiful at all.

a guest02.08.18 10:37

some unnatural

a guest02.08.18 13:47

Beautiful children are cherished, not put on display. You will not see them on the network)

a guest02.08.18 19:01

Damn, come out on the street and the girls walk more beautifully. And in general, each person has his own concept of beauty. When this Knyazev was muscled, I really did not understand where the "most beautiful girl of the world" was here. An ordinary child, maybe his eyes are brighter. All.

a guest02.08.18 21:40

The kids are all beautiful !!! And then there's the miracle photographer!

a guest03.08.18 08:37

All the children are beautiful on their own. I don’t see anything like that in Anastasia, the most common of which are going around with moms and dads a lot. Just someone paid for it and put it on display.

a guest03.08.18 12:44

Good job photographer and photo editor. As for me, the most ordinary children

For each parent, their children are the most beautiful, with the most charming smile and family eyes. And this "beauty" is for the profit of those who promote it.

a guest09.08.18 13:49

Yes, this is a photoshop. There is another photo where the girl is taken from the sisters. I also did not understand which of them she was. Just pretty black women.

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