Three effective methods to improve performance

Natural natural energy play a major role in improving performance. These include various plants, using which you can stay awake for a long time.
Lemongrass Chinese invigorates and activates the brain.
Eleutherococcus is very useful for those who suffer from chronic fatigue. Tea using this plant is useful for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. One cup of tea will invigorate the body, make it more resilient. Improve brain function.
Green tea contains a huge amount of vitamin C. It energizes and provides the body with essential nutrients.
Ginger will help those who have a great physical exertion. Its effect is that the plant improves blood circulation, so the brain activity improves markedly.
Useful mixtures prepared with your own hands will give the body a boost of energy for a long time.
Honey-nut mix consists of 300 grams of honey, 100 grams of walnuts, juice from three lemons, 150 grams of juice from aloe leaves. Beat all the ingredients in a blender and take one teaspoon three times a day before meals.
Aromatherapy improves performance by a simple and effective method. Smells of citrus and coniferous beneficial effect on human energy. A bottle of lemon or orange oil helps to activate the brain when performing difficult tasks in the workplace. The same effect can have a sachet with a dried peel of citrus or pine needles. Both can be always at hand.
Using effective methods to improve performance, you will always be active.

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