Thorny hydrangea: planting and caring for the garden liana

Appearance history and description

Hydrangea pedicle is from East Asia. Densely strewn with flowers, shrub vine is often found in Japanese and Korean gardens. Residents of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands have recently “tamed” a flowering plant in their gardens. It is believed that the stalked hydrangea can grow in any Russian gardens, as it tolerates droughts and frosts well.

In the wild, it is found in coniferous forests; it covers the trunks of spruce trees with its flowering stem. How does she do it? Hortensia consists not only of a strong, curving stem, but also allows for its growth adventitious aerial roots, which provide it with food and allow it to grow by 25 meters, or even more.

It has large heart-shaped leaves, reaching a diameter of 10 cm, with long, covered with fluffy hairs petioles. The thickness of the stem of hydrangea is 0.5-0.8 cm.In the fall, the leaves become even more beautiful, acquiring an orange-golden color, fall to winter.

It blooms with large, weighty inflorescences with a diameter of up to 20 cm. There are small flowers in the middle, and juicy white or pink buds at the edges are up to 3 cm in diameter. Distinguishes flowering plant spicy, honey aroma, actively attracting honey insects.


Hortensia breeds sememi and with the help of processes.

For seed cultivation, they should be planted in a pot with well-fertilized soil in the autumn, and in spring, young growths are transplanted into the ground (on the plot).

Scions grow better and more actively. You just need to cut off the most juicy green cuttings, on which one internode is located. For propagation, cuttings from 9-10 cm in length, but not more than 15 cm, are suitable. The rooted plant at first should be watered 3-5 times a day, covered from direct sun. Planting in open ground is carried out in April or May.

Usually seedlings at the age of 2-3 years easily take root on the ground. They should be planted at a distance from each other from 1 meter.


  1. The dimensions of the pit for planting are 50 cm by 50 cm. The depth is 50 cm. If the ground is supersaturated with clay, then the size of the pit should be larger.Fertilized cultivated soil is better suited for hydrangeas.
  2. Drain gravel should be placed on the bottom, then a 10-centimeter layer of fertile soil. And actually the very root system of the plant, on which the soil is poured.
  3. The neck of the root descends on one level with the soil surface. After planting at the root, pour water abundantly - more than 20 liters of water per irrigation.
  4. Around the root, I mingle with organic mulch to protect the soil from weeds, loss of moisture and insects. Suitable sawdust, trim needles, peat.
  5. Water 3 times a week for 15-20 liters of water.


The plant is not capricious, but some nuances when planting and care should be considered.

Choose sunny, open places with regularly irrigated, but not over-wetted soil. The soil should not be acidic, it is advisable to add peat. Calcareous soils are not at all suitable for growing hydrangeas. In the shade, the hydrangea will also grow, but its development will be slower, and it will bloom in small, rare flowers.

The stemmed hydrangea is a frost-resistant perennial species. The weather conditions and the temperature regime of the middle zone are very comfortable for her.

Garden designers often plant blooming vines in rock arias on an alpine hill. She, like a carpet, will cover the right places and create a pleasant appearance, even large boulders. A flower can be a good solution for decorating a large flower bed.

For vertical placement of the hydrangea planted along fences, fences and walls of the house. Liana grows well it is the trunks, pillars or smooth walls, rather slowly grows only on the nets (because it is an unnatural habitat of the loach).

If the shoots are regularly cut, then you can skillfully form a floral lush carpet.

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