These puzzles will solve only a few. Are you weak?

I want to pass the time on a trip, at a job that does not require constant attention, on a day off or in the company of friends, and the degradation with memoirs and bearded jokes is not your way? Well, there is a great way to have fun with mood and mind benefits: original puzzles!

Far from everyone can solve these riddles, but the one who masters them can be proud of himself. Whatever one may say, one needs to have extraordinary intelligence and non-standard thinking, otherwise one cannot see the answer to them like one’s ears. Ready to take a chance and check your friends for wit, and even test your strengths with the help of three tasks of varying difficulty? Then forward to victories over the gray mind!

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What is not visible when absolutely everything is visible, and visible only when nothing is visible?

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Mid 20th century. The investigator of the prosecutor's office often traveled on business for business trips, and often actively communicated with fellow travelers to brighten up the journey.One day he went on such a train ride, and, in addition to the three fellow travelers in the compartment, two more from the dining car joined them in the conversation. As a result, a lively conversation was conducted by a pleasant company from an elderly wealthy lady in diamonds, a young, dandy dandy, a rural teacher, a young beautiful girl in inexpensive but very fashionable clothes and a successful watchmaker for at least several thousand dollars, not counting the investigator.

Suddenly the coupe plunged into darkness - the train entered the protracted tunnel, and the lighting, as it turned out, was broken. So they drove in silence and darkness for a couple of minutes, and when the sun peeked out of the window again, there was a cry:

- Oh my God! I was robbed - an elderly lady cried out with a falsetto. - Stole my family brooch with diamonds!

After that, all the passengers began to look at each other with distrust - any of them could be a thief. However, the investigator decided to resolve a difficult situation until it turned into a conflict:

- Do not worry, I know who the thief!

Who was the thief, and how did the investigator understand this?

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Answer:in the pitch darkness it was possible to notice the movement of only something glowing, and of all the passengers only one had a similar object - a businessman with a clock (they could glow in the dark).

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How can you bow your head so that it does not fall down?

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Answer:by case.

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