The whole truth about hormones

You can manage your hormones.

I regularly see patients who are supporters of the first point of view. These are patients with diabetes mellitus who can not adhere to the prescribed endocrinologist diet: they claim to have gained weight, old age on the doorstep - which means that life has been lived, and whether it is worth making some effort for the sake of a ghostly future, when the vase with chocolate sweets directly in front of them and gives guaranteed fun right now? Such patients get to the neurologist with complications of their illness. They complain of numbness in the hands, pain in the feet, dry skin and unbearable itching of the whole body. They also have very bad memories, and it's hard for them to stay focused for at least five minutes: however, they do not complain about this, because they simply do not realize that the brain functions suffer from the toxic glucose metabolite that floats in them blood. These patients are for some reason certain that diabetes mellitus is a sentence of their youth, opportunities, health, and even happiness. And that this damned insulin, which does not want to work as it should, changes everything in their body - changes once and for all, and nothing can be done about it.

The whole truth about hormones

And this is very sad, because just such pessimism about its own hormones is absolutely not justified by anything. A patient with diabetes has a lot of tools in the fight against the disease: this increase in fiber in the diet (vegetables and not very sweet fruits is delicious; other refined products (which increase the risk of atherosclerotic plaque formation), regular physical activity (helps maintain a normal blood glucose level), intellectual work (delays dementia to an immense distance), finally, Saha reducing drugs and thioctic acid for the prevention of neurological complications! Therefore, diabetics really often want to say that we live in the 21st century, where in the nearest shop you can choose vegetables from three dozen items to make yourself a tasty and healthy salad, and a hundred meters from the house there is an inexpensive pool where even people swim with pleasure old age.

How to help your hormones?

However, the idea of ​​managing your hormones is relevant not only for diabetics. Each of us can indirectly influence our hormonal status.For example, a prolonged stressful situation causes the release of the hormone cortisol, which gives the command to store fat - and here you are more and more like sweet and harmful every day, and less and less energy is left to resist this desire.

An increased level of adrenaline changes the metabolism in the brain, triggers a “stuck” on anxiety; as a result, mood changes, sleep, and then - plans, a taste for food, and even such seemingly unchanging character traits as sociability or good nature, go into oblivion. What can I do to stop this disgrace?

Reduce the level of stress, start meditating, give up the extra workload - in general, do everything to bring your own cortisol back to normal and transfer your endocrine system from the “emergency mode” to the comfortable existence mode.

In the second hour of power loads, testosterone levels rise - this hormone is produced in both women and men; it stimulates muscle growth, triggers fat burning and creates a "fighting" mood. Regular physical activity helps improve relationships with insulin, a hormone that “secretes” glucose into cells from the blood.Therefore, it’s quite natural that if you find time to walk to work, jump in the fitness center or swim in the pool, you don’t want to eat a cake watered with syrup and decorated with chocolate in marmalade - on the contrary, you want to eat salad , a piece of meat or some other simple meal. Therefore, sport is a great tool for managing your hormones, but for some reason it is not as popular as a variety of dietary supplements.

Why doctor's consultation is still needed

The idea to manage your own hormones "without attracting the attention of orderlies," that is, to drink a variety of pills, without consulting a doctor, alas, is doomed to failure. Supplements like selenium or chromium will not have a significant effect on well-being. Self-administration of hormonal drugs, based only on reviews on the Internet, is a reckless and life-threatening strategy that can result in resuscitation. Attempts to "alkalize" the body with raw food "to restore the hormonal background," which for some reason are particularly popular this year in the instalogue-Challenges,they help to shift the focus of attention from endocrine problems to problems of the gastrointestinal tract; in other words, the colitis, exacerbated by two kilograms of raw cabbage, will unambiguously make it urgent to reconsider the priorities: to search for the closest toilet and temporarily leave your long-suffering hormones.

The whole truth about hormones

For some reason, even the “advanced users” of medical resources do not understand the difference between “drinking some pills at random” and “filling the deficit”. In the first case, we are talking about a careful study of specialized forums, the purchase of a dozen jars and vials and taking pills and pills according to a randomly found scheme on the Web. And despite the fact that many people say that "it helps them", we will never see the analyzes of these storytellers, just as we will not be able to get acquainted with their case histories, and therefore it is not worth taking their stories to faith.

But replenishing the deficiency of one or another vitamin or trace element really helps to improve well-being (although there is no question here of a radical change in the hormonal background).

For example, vitamin D, as it turned out, affects not only the bone-mineral metabolism,but also on immunity and even on the sensitivity of cells to insulin! And a shortage of this substance is experienced by up to 90% of people on the planet, and if you live in the middle lane, you can be sure that you are also among these sufferers.

There is a solution: pass the appropriate analysis, which costs about $ 50, or start taking a safe, prophylactic dosage of vitamin that can not harm in any case. The dose depends on the weight, sex and age, so consultation with a doctor before starting the drug is still necessary.

But hormones also control you.

Responsibility for your health is really important. You should not write off your diseases on “raging hormones” in order to expect that you will be helped by an omnipotent doctor with magic pills, the Lord God, or a fluke. Most often, simply following the doctor's recommendations helps to improve your well-being.

And yet to go to the other extreme: to imagine that you can command your hormones by the power of the mind is not worth it. If you have hyperthyroidism and produce an excess of thyroid hormones, you will suffer from mood swings, bouts of rage, insomnia, anxiety and irritability.Alas, thyroid hormones "conduct" almost all the processes in the body, not excluding mental ones. Therefore, do not blame yourself for incontinence - however, the drugs that the doctor will write out must be taken in a disciplined and strict manner in accordance with the recommendations. This will help to quickly return to normal and feel much better.

The whole truth about hormones

The ability of a woman to solve work tasks, plan, generate new ideas depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle. From the 5th day until the moment of ovulation, the greatest productivity of the brain is observed, because there is a gradual increase in the level of estrogen. And a few days before menstruation, performance decreases as the level of progesterone and estrogen decreases. And this is also useful to remember, so as not to get upset that some days turn out to be unsuccessful.

However, the body is controlled not only by the ubiquitous hormones. There is also a "gray cardinal" who is hiding in the brain. This hypothalamic-pituitary system - the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, as well as the epiphysis, or pineal gland. The pituitary and hypothalamus "conduct" the endocrine system, and therefore a head injury or some other damage can provoke a strong hormonal failure.In the hypothalamus there are centers for controlling body temperature, hunger and thirst, and therefore problems in this structure inevitably lead to a catastrophe in the whole organism. The epiphysis of yoga is called the "third eye", claiming that there is some important chakra and, in general, absolutely all human problems come from its "blocking", although in fact this structure simply produces melatonin - a substance that controls sleep, and at the same time mood, immunity, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, and even affects the thyroid gland.

It is important to understand that the body is a complex thing, and therefore serious problems cannot be solved with “bioadditives with selenium” or some plant tincture from the root of nonsense on nectar from the orange-cap boletus, and you will still have to seek help from a doctor. However, to adhere to a healthy lifestyle is in any case beneficial, for in a healthy body there is a healthy mind, healthy hormones and a healthy nervous system.

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