The secrets of growing the castor on your site

If you want to give a tropical flavor to your site and do not know which strange plant to choose, then pay attention to the castor oil. It is enough to plant 3-4 bushes of seedlings of this flower to create in your garden an excellent “palm” greenhouse with extraordinarily beautiful large leaves, resembling maple. Or, if desired, castor can decorate the walls of various buildings in an original way or create a hedge.

Many will ask themselves the important question: “How can you grow such a kind of palm tree on your site?” We want to convince you that any novice gardener can do it. The main thing is to know some secrets that we will gladly reveal to you.

Paradise tree

The homeland castor is Africa. The castor is a perennial plant, reaches a height of 10 meters. In our region, this representative of the hot tropics is not able to survive the winter, so it lands every year, and only grows to 2-3 meters.

In nature, there is a single type of “castor-tree”, which is represented by various garden varieties, differing only in the color of leaves, stems and inflorescences. The most popular are green, purple-red and lilac representatives of this plant.

The name of the flower is associated with seeds, which, with their oval shape and variegated color, resemble ticks. The color of the seeds, depending on the variety, can vary from gray to bright red. In Russia, the flower is also called “castor oil” or “Turkish hemp”. But in ancient Egypt, he had a different, more exalted name - “paradise tree”, because the oil obtained from the seeds of this plant, sanctified the temples.

We provide a sunny place and good watering.

The castorplate is considered an unpretentious plant, and it does not require special care. The most important thing is to find a sunny garden plot for this heat-loving plant. The soil should be loose, nutritious and well hydrated. A young plant must be constantly provided with moisture. Thus, it will very quickly grow and become a strong "tree".

It is also important to carry out regular watering during flowering and fruit formation. Even if you can not always be able to water the plant, it will still please you with beautiful foliage and bright spiny seed boxes, but it will not be so tall and lush.

Before the formation of inflorescences castor is desirable to feed the nitrogen fertilizer.

Cooking seedlings

The “paradise tree” propagates with seeds that ripen in fruits resembling spherical boxes covered with prickly thorns (in some varieties the fruits are absolutely smooth). Planting material can be purchased at any flower shop. The mite can be planted with seedlings and seeds.

The most common way is to plant castor through seedlings, which are sown in early April. Plants grown by this method are obtained more and stronger than their relatives, which grow from seeds sown immediately in open ground.

To get good seedlings you need to do the following:

  1. For each seed, apply scarification. So that the planting material quickly began to grow, its shell is lightly treated with sandpaper or pierced with a needle, thusmoisture gets better inside.
  2. Seedyki pour warm water and leave for a day. At the same time several times it is worth changing the water to fresh.
  3. It is better to sow planting material individually in individual pots or plastic containers (not less than 20 cm in diameter) to a depth of 1-2 cm. At the same time, the substrate is only half asleep, and as the stem grows, the soil mixture is filled to the edges of the container.
  4. The pots are placed in a bright place, most often for this they use window sills.
  5. The soil should not be watered before the appearance of the first shoots.
  6. Transplantation in open ground should be made in May, when there is no night frost.
  7. In order not to injure the fragile roots of the plant, and to prevent the earthen coma from scattering, it is necessary to pour water on the seedlings abundantly, and only then remove it.

Planting seeds

If desired, you can plant the seeds immediately in open ground. To do this, it is necessary to wait for warm weather, when the possibility of night frosts is excluded (depending on the region of the country, landing takes place from mid-May until early June). At the same time, the air temperature should not be lower than 15 ºС.

  • To plant the material better and faster ascended it must be processed with sandpaper.
  • Shallow holes are pulled out in the soil, and 2-3 seeds are thrown into each.If all ascend, then you should leave the strongest plant.

Deadly danger!

If you decide to plant a calveshop in your garden, then it is worth knowing that all parts of this plant contain poisonous substance ricin, which is deadly to humans and animals! Especially dangerous are seeds that, when ingested, cause vomiting, colic, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, as a result of which the water-electrolyte balance is disturbed, and in a few days a lethal outcome occurs.

Even if you go to the hospital right away, irreversible harm will already be done to your health, since ricin irreversibly destroys human tissue proteins. Therefore, the seeds must be stored away from food and children!

All work with castor oil: planting, care and collection of seeds are carried out in gloves.

Not only cripples, but also treats!

No matter how dangerous castor oil is, it is successfully used in medicine. It is from the seeds that all the known castor oil is obtained, widely used as an excellent laxative. It is a part of many balms and ointments that have antiseptic properties and accelerate the regeneration of tissues (for example, Vishnevsky ointment).

If you follow certain rules of precaution, the cultivation of castor in the garden is absolutely safe. After all, everyone's favorite lilies of the valley are also a poisonous plant.

Having planted at least once “paradise-tree”, then you will be happy to plant new bushes every year, which will decorate your garden plot and give you a lot of positive emotions.

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