The most expensive resorts

The most expensive resort in the world is extremely difficult to choose. Recently, tourism has been developing rapidly. Each country tries to surprise its customers by offering them the best conditions, service and comfort. We offer you to get acquainted with the best and most expensive resorts in different parts of the world. If your budget allows expensive travel, then you will definitely need our article.

In Switzerland

Sami Sawiris is one of the richest people in the world. An entrepreneur from Egypt is madly in love with a luxurious life, therefore he believes that only the best hotels need to rest. So Sami decided not to skimp and build the most expensive resort in Switzerland. The resort will be located in the picturesque Alps.

The tourist complex is built in an ecologically clean area. In it, visitors can relax at the highest level. The tourist will have swimming pools, gyms, clubs, restaurants, casinos, shops and even a golf course and water park. And this despite the fact that everything around will be covered with snow white snow.

The complex will include five-star rooms and personal villas. You will get a luxurious high-grade rest in the best ski resort in Europe. If you adore winter and skiing, then wait for the onset of 2013 and book rooms.

In Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place that amazes with its scale, grandeur and luxury. In this place you can relax at the highest level and when leaving, you will definitely want to come back here.

In this city at every step you can see the elements of wealth. It's no secret that big money is invested in this city, but all in order to attract rich people from all over the world.

It was for this purpose that Atlantis the Palm Jumeirah was built. The complex will surprise you with everything, starting from its location on artificial islands, ending with the constant presence of Hollywood stars. Agree, a good rest in the next room with Johnny Depp.

Absolutely every hotel room offers a stunning view of the city and the Persian Gulf. The hotel will have at its disposal an aquarium and a huge water park with the most extreme attractions.

In the Maldives

Perhaps the best tourist complex in the Maldives is The Rania Experience. This hotel is located away from civilization on a picturesque small island. The hotel has white beaches and clear water. All rooms in the hotel are built from natural materials, so that the rooms are environmentally friendly.

At any time you can go on a trip on a yacht or scuba dive. The service staff is polite and works very quickly. The hotel employs the world's best chefs and bartenders.

If you want to relax in a secluded beautiful place - the Maldives for you.

In the virgin islands

Necker Island is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Just think, one night spent in this place will cost you 30 thousand dollars.

The uniqueness of this hotel lies in its luxury and at the same time home comfort. It was built 30 years ago, and during this time each villa of the hotel has become a real masterpiece.

Millionaire Branson built this hotel for himself, but since he is a busy man, the hotel surrenders to the guests. Each villa is surrounded by luxurious gardens where you can feast on exotic fruits.

This island is ideal for a secluded holiday.You can enjoy high-grade rest in smart conditions.

In miami

Miami - a place in which it is worth to visit more than once in my life. One night in the fashionable hotel Casa Contenta will cost you more than 10 thousand dollars. This hotel will delight you not only with quality conditions and staff, but also with a unique interior design.

Each hotel room is made in the style of a country, with all its national attributes. Moreover, settling in a room in France, for example, the best chefs can only cook French dishes for you.
A personal masseur, a stylist, a trainer and even a driver are at guests' disposal. Service at the hotel at the highest level.

There are many expensive resorts in the world and they all meet international quality standards, so if finances allow you, choose only the best in life.

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