The most beloved and popular salads in the world

Most housewives have a certain range of dishes that she cooks more often than usual, they are loved and special. Probably, it is difficult to find a person who will be indifferent to salads, because they are a special dish that can satisfy the needs of the most delicate gourmets, thanks to its unusual combinations of ingredients and useful properties.

There are a lot of everyday options, the preparation of which does not require a lot of time. Many cook and eat a variety of salads, have their own favorite options, but few people thought, but where did such an interesting habit come from, to mix a few vegetables or fruits to get some kind of common and tasty mixture.

Salads have a huge number of recipes, variations and differences, they can be prepared from vegetables, fruits, berries, roots, meat, fish or other, sometimes very exotic, products.

It is believed that the first salads appeared in the times of ancient Rome, where the concept of "salad" meant a dish that consists of green vegetables and herbs.And already the salad in the form that is now completely familiar to us, was formed about 500 years ago.

A great deal of distribution and, one may say, rebirth, he received in France and Spain, where this type of food was available only to distinguished persons and rich people.

By the way, until the XIX century, salads could not contain root vegetables, such products were considered “unclean”, so the cooks did not dare add them to the recipes. Only in time did the known Olivier and vinaigrettes appear, in which they used boiled root vegetables and legumes, while the rest of the salads were still prepared from raw vegetables and fruits.

The variety of salads is so great that their recipes are practically not subject to any classification. We know the most popular salads by name, as we often prepare them, the rest can be divided only by the products used, for example, fish, fruit or seafood salads.

Among these salads are, as well as very tasty festive variations, and ordinary everyday recipes. In general, salads can include almost all food products, but it is necessary to adhere to the most important rule - all of them should be combined in their taste.

Let's try to make a small rating of the most popular salads, which are known and loved all over the world. Of course, each country has its own most popular options, as well as national recipes for salads, of course, we will, to a greater extent, start from the preferences of the inhabitants of our country.

Caesar salad"

The most interesting thing, if you plunge 10 years ago, then very few people knew about the existence of such a tasty salad. Now almost every second mistress remembers him first, if you ask her to list the list of favorite dishes.

It is erroneously considered that the name of this salad was acquired in honor of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, but this, of course, is not so. Caesar is of North American origin, and the American chef with Italian roots came up with his main recipe, which explains the presence of both American and Italian ingredients. By the way, this salad has several recipes, the home version is significantly different from the restaurant recipe.

Salad "Olivier"

This salad has a rich history and is also one of the most popular festive salads in the post-Soviet space.If you go out and by surprise to ask a passerby about his favorite salad, then most likely you will hear in response nothing more than a Russian salad.

What explains such a huge popularity? It is believed that it consists of inexpensive ingredients that any average family can afford, and in the end it turns out a large number of tasty and nourishing salad.

It is believed that this salad is of French origin, because it was named after the French chef Lucien Olivier, who invented this specialty dish while he was working at a Moscow restaurant well known at the time. However, the original recipe for that salad is fundamentally different from the modern version and, by the way, is lost at this point in time.

This is due to the fact that his recipe was kept in the strictest confidence at that time and, although many knew the approximate composition of the ingredients, they still could not repeat its unusual taste.

Presumably it included cancer necks, lettuce leaves, hazelnuts and capers, and the mayonnaise was refueled, probably the only component that still survives to this day.True, it was also special, as it was made on the basis of Provencal olive oil and French wine vinegar.

However, the peak of the popularity of this salad, just the same falls on the Soviet era, when its recipe was modified depending on the products that could be bought at that time in stores.

The fact is interesting that if you look through the Soviet cookbooks of different years of the publication, the recipe will differ, it all depended on what was available in stores at the moment. So with great confidence we can say that Olivier is truly a national salad.

"Greek salad"

It is believed that the Greek salad is a national treasure of Greece, because as it is prepared there, it is not cooked anywhere, but the Greeks themselves consider this masterpiece a rustic work of art. By the way, this salad can be considered an international dish, it is one of the most popular salads served in restaurants.

And he rightfully deserves this honorary title, because it is very tasty and, importantly, a healthy dish, and its preparation does not take much time from the hostess.All the components of the dish are dietary and light, which are filled with vitamins and useful trace elements.

Mimosa salad"

This salad is the usual man in the street at almost every holiday table. And, although the process of its preparation called simple will not work, but it's worth it. “Mimosa” is an amazingly tender and tasty salad, it belongs to medium-calorie dishes, which allows you to take care of your body shape, but at the same time it is not bad to eat. In addition to all this, apparently the salad is very unusual, it can be a worthy decoration of any table.

The recipes of these popular salads can be found in any culinary reference book, and, of course, no one has canceled the family culinary traditions that older ones can pass on to their younger generations.

And it is wonderful, because each housewife always brings something of her own to the standard recipe, adding a special highlight and character to the dish. Who knows what new recipe your culinary invention can translate into?

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