The ideal woman: the opinion of a plastic surgeon

Plastic surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva showed how an ideal woman looks like. Namely, he made a portrait of the reviews of thousands of clients of the plastic surgery center in London. For 10 years, Julian de Silva kept a diary, where he recorded the wishes of women. As a result, it turned out that most of the clients want a nose like Kate Middleton, eyebrows like Jennifer Lopez, and lips like Penelope Cruise.

As a rule, they come to me with a photo of a certain star and they say: "I want to look like her." The hitch is that all people have different proportions, and the desired cut in the eyes may simply not suit you ... Fortunately, there are stars with mathematically perfect proportions. And if you dream about a nose like Kate Middleton or eyes like Kira Knightley, then they surely will suit you.

The ideal woman: the opinion of a plastic surgeon
Julian de Silva

So, we are looking at the "ideal", something that reminds us of the actress Nina Dobrev, and we are waiting for the continuation from the surgeon, because we are still interested in looking at the "perfect body".

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