The highest abandoned building in the world!

This lonely, abandoned tower towers over the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. Everyone who was in Yekaterinburg could see a tall, lifeless building almost in the center of the city. I would not dare to call it a landmark of the city, but definitely the object is worthy of attention.

At the end of 1983, according to the decision of the city executive committee of Sverdlovsk, on the street on March 8, near the city circus, the construction of a television tower began. It was a new model Soviet project, implemented earlier in Vilnius and Tallinn. Its design height was 361 meters, and it was there that it was planned to transfer all the city television and radio transmission capacities to cover the whole Sverdlovsk with a television signal. Also there should have been a restaurant, like the “Seventh Heaven” on the Ostankino television tower.

If you do not have time to fly to Yekaterinburg, then here is an amazing panorama where you can see everything with your own eyes!

Construction on a unique for that time monolithic-concrete technology was carried out by the Special Zhelezobetonstroy trust, which previously built Vilnius, Ostankino, Tallinn and other TV towers.Especially strong concrete of brand 400 was used. Construction was actively conducted until 1989, after which interruptions in financing began. However, the construction was not frozen and continued, but with great difficulty, until 1991.

In 1991, an economic crisis began in Russia, and funding for the construction of the television tower ceased. It was completed only to the level of 219.25 m (according to other sources 220.4 m). Since then, no work on this site was carried out, and the tower was abandoned. The only constructive change over the years was the installation of high-altitude red lights for flight safety.

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