The girl transferred the picture to the old shoes and got something amazing!

Decoupage technique is one of the most popular and at the same time simple ways to decorate. You can decorate almost anything. Thanks to the decoupage, the usual and in some places unsightly thing is transformed into a unique hand-made article. It is especially convenient to update old items of permanent use with the help of decoupage techniques, such as bags, phone cases, wallets and shoes.

In this master class, the decoupage technique is shown on the example of shoes. We will update the old pair of ankle boots, whose heels have lost their former attractive appearance. For the master class a very bright drawing is used. You can choose absolutely any pattern to your liking.

For work you will need:

  • an old pair of shoes;
  • a bright pattern of choice (for the master class the picture was printed on a laser printer);
  • sandpaper;
  • masking tape;
  • aerosol white paint;
  • acrylic colorless varnish.

Getting started:

1. Wash and dry the shoes. Carefully remove the film from the heel.

2. Sandpaper the surface of the heel, ensuring perfect smoothness.

3. Seal the area around the heel with masking tape. Spray paint onto the heel itself.

4. Prepare the picture: apply 5 colors of lacquer vertically and 5 layers horizontally on the colored part of it, let it dry.

5. When the drawing is dry, turn it over and wet the back side with water. Wait until it is sodden, and with your fingers, begin to peel off the paper.

6. Cut a piece from the cleaned pattern that is approximately the size of a heel.

7. Apply varnish on the heel. Stick a picture on the surface, cut off excess parts. Top with several layers of varnish.

8. Allow the pattern to dry.

Update shoes in the technique of decoupage completed!

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