The best side dish for meatballs

Cutlets love everything, no matter what they are made of: fish, meat or liver. But in order to emphasize their taste, you need the most appropriate side dish. True, in many families, everything is limited to the usual mashed potatoes, at a time when there are many options that are able to perfectly highlight the taste of any cutlet.

It is not enough just to prepare a side dish, it is important to learn how to combine several flavors in a plate, which in harmony with each other create a special, unforgettable taste and aftertaste. It may seem to you that such words are incompatible in a conversation about ordinary meatballs, but that's the magic - to create a completely new taste.

How to cook a side dish for chops?

Do not think that the best side dish necessarily involves the use of some special products. You will have enough of what is in your kitchen, the main thing is to find the right combination. For example, fish can not be combined with fruit, but they are perfect for chicken.

Cooking garnish for minced fish cutlets

Fish perfectly with vegetable side dishes, such as carrots, cabbage, zucchini, beans. If we talk about cereals, rice or lentils are perfect. Potatoes are also great for fishcakes.

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