The best means for children from the cold

The best means for children from the coldThere is no man in the world who has not had a cold at least once in his life. It does not matter whether it was an independent disease or a concomitant symptom of a more serious disease. And if adults suffer from this disease, what can we say about children. Surely, everyone has a childhood memory of drops and countless handkerchiefs.

But no matter how simple it would seem at first glance, it should not be ignored, since running rhinitis in the future can lead to serious consequences and long-term treatment.

What are the stages of a runny nose?

In order to properly treat, and even better prevent, a runny nose, you need to know the stages of its development and take appropriate measures.

What are the stages of a runny nose?

Stage 1. Reflex

Most often, it goes unnoticed, as it lasts only a few hours. Narrowed vessels of the nasal mucosa, and it pales. Usually we do not have a snot, only itching and dryness appear in the nose.

Stage 2.Catarral

The blood vessels in the nose dramatically expand, causing the mucous membrane to swell and redden. Gradually breathing becomes difficult, and the nose is completely blocked. This is the height of the disease.

Stage 3. Restorative

The mucous membrane is able to restore its functions. And after several days of catarrhal stage, the mucous is restored, swelling and redness pass. Breathing becomes easier, but the discharge from the nose (in other words, snot) becomes thick, abundant and becomes yellow-green.

Proper treatment of rhinitis

Proper treatment of rhinitis

Adults are usually limited to drops in the nose and a large number of napkins. Less often - special inhalations. But with children such treatment of rhinitis can not be limited. Immunity in babies, especially in newborns, is very weak, and improper treatment of rhinitis can lead to complications for many years.

Runny nose in newborns

The main thing that parents should do is to prevent the slime from drying out by all available means. Otherwise, it can lead to stagnation in the bronchi or lungs. As a result - a serious form of bronchitis or pneumonia.

Drops in the nose of the newborn is better not to buy.Just regularly wash the baby's nostrils with saline (water and a little salt) and make sure that the air in the house is cool (22 degrees) and moist. You can lubricate the nose with etericidal. This oily substance will help to moisten the mucous for a long time.

Medicines for children under one year

At this age, runny nose is always harder. Although your baby has already come out of infancy, he does not know how to blow his own nose. In addition, it has too narrow nasal passages in which mucus is trapped. In such cases, the temperature will not even rise. Therefore, a stuffy nose in children up to a year should be treated only if the process lasts several days, and the discharge becomes purulent or dark.

Usually, in such cases, doctors prescribe Nazol baby, which is specially created for young children. It can be used simultaneously with the simple nose hygiene procedures described above.

Medicines for children under one year

Children 3 years and older

For such babies, the range of procedures is much wider, and you can cope with the common cold much faster. First, the child can already blow his nose, and secondly, the list of drugs is much more than for tiny kids.

You can use nasal drops and spray Brizolin, Vibrocil, Nazivin and Otrivin. But before using them, be sure to consult a doctor.

No need to ignore and folk remedies. For example, beet or carrot juice, diluted with water, can be instilled in children from a cold, both the smallest and after three years.

A good remedy for the common cold is Kalanchoe. Just a few drops a day will help to soothe and moisten the mucous membrane. Also an effective cure for the common cold - inhalation of herbs or soda. Boiling water is poured into the vessel, 3-4 teaspoons of soda are added to it. The kid needs to get a warm steam under the towel for ten minutes. The main thing that the air was not too hot, so as not to burn the mucous. The same procedure can be done with herbs (chamomile, eucalyptus, sage or mint).

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