The best design options for the cabinet (13 photos)

The office is not only a working area, but also a place where you can immerse yourself in your thoughts or, for example, make some important decision. And that is why the interior of the study should be made out with special diligence. And what could be the design of this room?

You should like it there

What should be the design of the office?

We list the main requirements for the design of the office:

  • The cabinet should adjust to the working mode. This means that there should not be anything that could distract and confuse. Leave these parts for other rooms.
  • Functionality. The workflow requires access to the right items and minimization of movement. In other words, everything should be at hand. Intricate, but unnecessary pieces of furniture and fixtures are irrelevant here. But everything that will simplify the work will be useful.
  • Comfort and comfort. After solving important problems, you want to relax and just relax.And agree, it is much more pleasant to do it in comfort. That is why comfort in the office is simply necessary.
  • The office must be a kind of reflection of the personality of its owner, it must have a certain individuality, a zest. And this means that for the design of this room it is possible and even needs to use something personal, reminiscent of family, leisure and pleasant moments. But such things should not be too much, because customers or guests who enter the office will not feel very comfortable in the intimate space of the room owner.
  • In the design of the cabinet should be read the type of activity and the status of the owner. Thus, the working room of the head of a large economic company should embody the responsibility and seriousness of those who work in it. But a creative person, for example, a writer or a journalist can afford certain “liberties” and “pranks”.
  • It is important to consider the size of the cabinet. So, if the entire space of a small office is occupied by massive furniture, then in such a room it will be unpleasant and inconvenient not only to work, but just to be.



As you have already understood, an office is not only a working area, but also a place to relax and meet with guests and clients.And that is why it is best to divide the room into several zones: working, recreation area and reception of guests.

  • The working area should be as laconic, restrained and functional as possible. No bright accents and details. Excesses will also be inappropriate. Everything is simple and strict: a table, an armchair, a rack with documents.
  • Recreation area should be comfortable. If desired, the owner of the office can listen to music, watch TV or even sleep. Therefore, there should not be any aggressive details (they will stop you from relaxing) and work items (they will remind you of work). Here you can place a sofa or a huge chair, a coffee table and a TV. If the room has a balcony, then you can place a recreation area on the balcony.
  • The reception area should be both simple and serious. Guests or customers need to take a separate place (it can be a chair or sofa), in which they can relax and tune in to contact. Opposite the guest place should be the place of the owner of the room. The atmosphere should have to communicate.

But how can you divide one room into several, in fact, separate and different? Several variants:

  1. Niches or different levels. If space permits, choose this option.
  2. Separate the workplace and the recreation area with screens or partitions, so that nothing distracts you.
  3. Colors. Mark the zones with different colors.

Color spectrum

High tech

For the design of the cabinet is best to use soft pastel colors such as sand, milk, lime, beige, peach. But pink and blue do not fit. The first is too frivolous, the second is cold. It is possible to dilute light tones with darker but surely deep and noble ones, for example, brown, emerald, maroon. Walls, floor and ceiling can be light, and furniture - dark. In any case screaming, aggressive and "acid" tones will not do.


Use natural, noble and very simple materials. Creative and unusual coatings are relevant only in the designer's office.

  • Walls can be plastered (use of embossed plaster is permissible), paint or glue with simple wallpaper (preferably monochromatic).
  • The ideal flooring is laminate or parquet.
  • The ceiling can be stretched (this option will allow you to provide and hide spot lighting of the upper level).

Choice of furniture


Furniture in the office should be functional, this is a basic requirement. So, in the table can simultaneously fit documents, system unit and office equipment, office supplies and some personal items. And at the same time everything should always be in the zone of availability.

As for the forms, let them be strict and simple (too intricate will distract and interfere). And the size will depend on the area of ​​the room. In a small office is better to buy compact furniture or even built. And in a large office will look solid massive. Preferred materials are wood, glass, metals. In some cases, plastic is acceptable.



Lighting should be sufficient and best multilevel and diffuse. Place a few spotlights on the ceiling, a few sconces on the wall, a few floor lamps on the floor and certainly a desk lamp on the table.


How to choose an interesting interior design office? We offer several suitable and interesting styles:

  • Classic - style for all times. The best option for a serious person. Wooden table with drawers and a rack for books and documents, a sofa and armchairs upholstered with thick fabric (one on the wheels - for the owner of the office), finished in deep colors.
  • If you prefer luxury, then you will suit a chic office in the English style. Arrange the room in deep colors, they should be predominant. Place a massive lacquered wooden table against one wall and place a wooden chair with a high back upholstered with expensive fabric around it. On the table, place the lamp with a fabric canopy. On the other wall, put a chic leather sofa.
  • High-tech style - a modern and concise style for business people who have a taste. In the center of the cabinet, place a metal table with a glass top, and place an office chair next to it. At one of the walls, put a metal rack. On the other wall (most) put a large white sofa, a couple of chairs. Prefer colors such as gray, white. Metallic shades will also be appropriate.
  • Country style will create an atmosphere of comfort and homely warmth. Use wood for decoration, spread the carpet on the floor, put the documents in the closet, and put a sofa with a lot of pillows against the desktop.
  • Want something unusual? Pay attention to the ethnic style. Dark muted tones, unusual patterns, original figurines.Ideal for creative personality.


Retro style

The office should not remind the clerical department and be too banal, otherwise the owner and guests will be bored here. That is why you should dilute the design with accessories:

  • A good accessory can be curtains. If the office is in the office, then it is best to use blinds. But at home you can afford interesting roller or fabric curtains. They can shade a window and stand out a little against the general background.
  • On the wall you can hang a picture with a landscape or a portrait of a writer or historically important figure. But remember that one picture is enough.
  • On the table by all means put the family photo in a frame, it will decorate the workplace and remind of loved ones.
  • If you are a fan of interesting things and figurines, then get something original, but at the same time talking about the impeccable taste of the owner of the cabinet. For example, a lawyer may purchase Themis scales made of wood or metal. Harmoniously in the office will look and Newton's cradle (kinetic balls).

Let the office be the perfect place to work and think!

Full minimalism

On the balcony


Classic furniture

Places are enough

At home

For open space

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