The benefits and harm of tangerines with diabetes

In diabetes, tangerines are not just consumed, but necessary. Here are 5 arguments about the benefits of citrus for diabetics.
tangerines for diabetes
In case of diabetes, observe the use of mandarins
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Can I eat tangerines for diabetes?

Include in the diet citrus is allowed for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Useful properties of mandarins for diabetics:

  1. The glycemic index of mandarins is 50 units. This means that after eating citrus, blood sugar levels will rise slowly. And when the daily rate of blood sugar does not change.
  2. Mandarins contain the substance flavonol nobiletin, which lowers cholesterol and insulin in the blood.
  3. Citrus is considered a low-calorie. It is quickly absorbed by the body.
  4. Cellulose, which is part of the mandarins, processes carbohydrates, fructose and other substances. It helps to control the sharp jumps in blood sugar.
  5. Mandarins - a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, coarse fibers and fructose.

Sweet citruses protect the immune system, improve the functioning of enzyme systems and improve mood.Recommended for the prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

Who can not tangerines for diabetes

You can not use mandarins for patients suffering from not only diabetes, but also gastrointestinal diseases or hepatitis. Banned sweet fruit for allergies and small children. In children, citruses often cause an allergic reaction. Pregnant women can add tangerines to the menu with the permission of the doctor.

In diabetes, eating citrus is allowed only fresh. Under the ban - purchased juices and canned tangerines, because they contain sugar in large quantities. There is no fiber in the juice, which is why the effect of fructose is not regulated. As a result, the blood glucose level rises, which is dangerous for a diabetic.

How to use mandarins for diabetes

The nutrients of the fruit are concentrated in the pulp and skin. The daily rate for diabetics is 2–3 citrus.

Eat alone or add to salads can only fresh tangerines

From tangerine peel prepare a healing broth. It helps to normalize blood glucose levels. For the preparation will need a crust of 2−3 citrus and 1 l of filtered water:

  • rinse the tangerine peel and pour 1 l of purified water;
  • put on the fire and boil the broth for 10 minutes;
  • after cooling, put in the fridge.

Non-filtered broth drink 1 glass per day. It reduces the risk of complications of the disease and saturates the body with micro and macro elements.

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