The basic rules of wearing socks

Accessories are not always given due attention, but in vain. For example, incorrectly chosen or worn socks can spoil the whole image and make it ridiculous. Learn how to wear them properly, so as not to lose face.

How to choose and wear socks for a man?

Since men wear socks much more often than women, and do so at almost any time, they should definitely know how to choose and wear them correctly. The following are the main criteria and important principles.

Criterias of choice

When choosing men's socks need to pay attention to a few points:

  • Colour. In this case, the rule of universal white and black does not work, so it’s worth choosing a gamut responsibly. The color of the socks should match the pants or differ from it by one or a maximum of two tones. In this case, a smooth transition from the shoes to the feet and above will be created, and the silhouette will visually lengthen. Allowed combinations in color with shoes, but then the legs will look slightly shorter.Black accessories are better to combine only with black trousers. White socks can be worn only with white pants and light-colored shoes, but you will need to monitor their cleanliness, as any contamination will immediately become noticeable. And some lawmakers of conservative views believe that snow-white accessories are relevant only in sports and nowhere else.
  • Patterns. They are appropriate, but only barely noticeable and concise, as well as matching or echoing with the print of trousers. Socks, decorated with deer, rhombus or other catchy drawings, it is better to leave for the house.
  • Length. Studying etiquette, you can learn that socks should be long enough and cover the lower part or half of the lower leg so that the legs that pull up while walking or sitting do not expose their legs: this looks extremely unattractive and ridiculous.
  • Material. The best option is high-quality cotton with a low content of lycra, which gives the socks elasticity, which does not allow them to stretch or crawl off their feet. In summertime, you can choose accessories with a barely perforated perforation or having a finely meshed structure, which allows the skin to breathe and reduce sweating.But synthetic fibers should be no more than 5-7%, since they violate the natural microcirculation of air. And in winter it is worth choosing more dense materials, including insulated ones. But pile or fleece should be only inside, outside socks should be smooth. Perhaps the presence of wool in the composition, but this does not mean that you can put on knitted woolen socks without shame.
  • Style and size. Socks should fit the foot, ankles and lower leg, so it is important to choose the right size so that the heel does not stand out from the shoes, and the front parts do not wrinkle and do not cause discomfort. Also choose models with not too tight elastic bands, otherwise they will leave marks on the skin.

Wearing features

It is important for men to be able not only to choose socks, but also to wear them competently. There are several generally accepted rules:

  1. Socks are allowed to wear only with closed shoes, that is, their combination with sandals - this moveton. There are models of shoes with perforation (for example, summer moccasins), and under them it is allowed to wear accessories from weightless lightweight materials in cool weather.
  2. Do not wear socks with shorts or breeches, it looks extremely ridiculous.The exception is sports shorts, with which you can combine short socks, not too stand out from under the sneakers or sneakers.
  3. Do not bend or twist the elastics of the socks, they should be straightened.
  4. Strongly worn or holey socks should be immediately thrown away or sewn up, but after repair, be worn exclusively at home.
  5. Do not wear different socks! Even if the representatives of different pairs seem similar to you, in any case they will differ in hue or texture.
  6. If you know about fashion and are ready to experiment, then try turning your socks into a little stylish accent. They may differ in color from trousers and shoes, but not contrasted with them, as well as echoing with another accessory, such as a tie or shirt.

Choosing and wearing women's socks

Women are much easier, as they can break certain rules and experiment.

Features of choice:

  • Colour. If you plan to wear socks with pants or jeans, then choose a model to match these things, a little lighter or darker. It is also allowed to pick up accessories for shoes, but, like for men, in this case, the legs can be visually shortened.For wearing with skirts, dresses and shorts, you can choose bright or contrasting with socks socks that can be a highlight or accent of the image.
  • Length. The socks with trousers should cover the leg portions opening with the trousers during movements. In other cases, accessories may be longer.
  • Material. And in this regard, diversity is also available to the fair sex. For example, sometimes you can experiment with textures. Kapron simple socks of skin color will almost merge with the skin and will not stand out. And guipure accessories with patterns will make the image playful, romantic or vintage.

Wearing rules:

  1. As noted above, with stylish skirts or shorts, stylish girls can wear bright or prints decorated socks. But in order not to create an imbalance, it is necessary to supplement the color of the socks with some other detail, for example, a hat, a bracelet, a scarf, a strap. This technique will ideally fit into the styles of hippies, retro, dudes.
  2. With short dress, skirt or shorts, you can wear long socks. But they will not fit low and full girls, as they visually shorten the legs and "cut" the silhouette.
  3. Do not let the prints mix. For example, if you chose shoes with a pattern, it is desirable to put under it solid socks or decorated with the same patterns, but more relaxed and less flashy.
  4. Do not wear socks with open shoes, such as sandals, clogs and sandals (all this is worn in the hot season and does not require warming). With ballet, such accessories also do not match, except for the inconspicuous kapron flesh color, worn with ankle-length jeans or trousers. But outrageous people can afford to wear socks for shoes or mules, although such images still should be left for informal events, in a strict business or office style, they definitely will not fit. Some stylists do not recommend adding accessories such as moccasins, slip-ons and espadrilles, but sometimes you can go for the trick and afford the weightless thin nylon socks that merge with the skin and are completely closed by the pants.

Wear socks properly and stylishly to look perfect!

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