What is useful oxygen cocktails?

Surely at least once everyone tried oxygen cocktails, and all the doctors kept saying about their benefits. But are they really that helpful? And when should they be used?

What are oxygen cocktails?

What are oxygen cocktails? These are saturated and oxygen-rich drinks that look like fluffy foam. Previously, they were offered in pharmacies, camps, hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, schools and kindergartens. The taste depends on what ingredients are included in the base (the composition will be written just below).

Today, cocktails are less popular, but still used by many. And some are trying to cook them at home, and it is quite possible.

A bit of history

The first recipe was developed by N.N. Sirotinin in the middle of the last century. He called it oral and enteral oxygen therapy using oxygen foam. This scientist for a long time dealt with the respiratory functions of the ischechnik and stomach, as well as the oxygen enrichment of the whole body through the digestive organs.

Initially, oxygen was introduced through a tube of sufficiently large volumes — up to two liters.But then this method, which had quite a few side effects, was decided to replace with oxygen foam, and this method turned out to be gentle and comfortable, but also effective.

What is in the composition?

There are three components in drinks:

  1. Oxygen. Its source is special equipment, for example, concentrators (they produce an oxygen-rich concentrated mixture), portable small oxygen-filled cartridges or medical oxygen cylinders.
  2. Liquid foundation. Various berry or fruit juices, syrups, milk, fruit drinks, as well as herbal decoctions (for example, motherwort, hawthorn, wild rose berries) can be used. But particles of pulp, various suspensions, oil components and gases should not be present in the liquid, as they will prevent the formation of a uniform foam.
  3. Foaming components that provide the necessary airy and light texture of beverages. Modern ready-made so-called foaming spum mixtures, dry egg white, as well as tincture of licorice root can be used.


The preparation of oxygen cocktails is a fairly quick and easy process, especially if a specialized apparatus is used. There are several ways:

  1. With a tube-aerator.In this case, the liquid base is poured into the portion container, the foaming agent is dissolved in it, then oxygen is fed into the resulting mixture through the aerator, which forms a foam.
  2. With a cocktail. This method is quite simple. All that is needed is to pour liquid into the device's container and pour a foam-forming component into it. Then you need to mix the composition until all the particles are completely dissolved and give oxygen. After the mixture is moved to the glasses.
  3. With an oxygen mixer. The basis is poured, the frother is poured out, oxygen is immediately supplied. Then everything is actively mixed with the device whisk, and it turns out foam.

Beneficial features

Benefit has been proven more than once in various studies. And clinical trials have established that oxygen from the digestive tract is absorbed into the blood and with it goes to all tissues and cells. So drinks can affect the human body in the following ways:

  1. Significant improvement in the blood supply to all important organs, as well as blood circulation.
  2. Normalization of the nervous system (it also needs oxygen and actively consumes it during functioning).
  3. Drinks will help to normalize and the activity of blood vessels and heart.For example, blood pressure is reduced, his jumps are prevented.
  4. Redox reactions will proceed correctly.
  5. Significantly improved cellular metabolism, as well as cell nutrition.
  6. The body will receive a sufficient amount of energy necessary for its work.
  7. With the help of oxygen cocktails can strengthen the immune system.
  8. Sleep will improve.
  9. Performance will increase markedly.
  10. Brain function improves: memory improves, concentration increases.

Who is indicated for use?

Application is shown or recommended in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy (to avoid fetal hypoxia);
  • in old age;
  • in the recovery period after severe illnesses, injuries or surgeries;
  • with increased mental, physical or emotional stress;
  • oxygen shakes are good for kids and teens;
  • with overweight;
  • with a decrease in immunity;
  • in such conditions as chronic fatigue, fatigue, sleep problems, depression, apathy;
  • during influenza epidemics;
  • with frequent colds;
  • if there is excessive nervous irritability, frequent stress;
  • during hypoxia (lack of oxygen);
  • when working in adverse conditions;
  • when living in regions with poor environmental conditions.

When is it not recommended to drink such cocktails?

Although oxygen cocktails are very healthy, not everyone is allowed to drink them. Contraindications include:

  • asthma attacks;
  • ulcer;
  • general intoxication of the body;
  • abnormalities in the respiratory system;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • allergic to the individual components of the drink.

Possible side effects

Can oxygen cocktails cause side effects? If you use them correctly and in acceptable doses, then there will be no unpleasant symptoms. But if you overdo it and do not follow the recommendations given by doctors, then there may be flatulence, that is, increased gas formation.

Also, if there is an excess of oxygen entering the body, dizziness, buzzing in the ears, impaired consciousness, nausea, vision problems (tunnel vision, veil, flies), tingling in the limbs or in the whole body, and even convulsions are likely.

How to drink such cocktails?

To extract the maximum benefit from the drink and avoid side effects, it should be consumed correctly. So, it is recommended to drink one or two servings in a volume of 250-300 ml per day. And it is best to drink drinks either an hour before meals, or one and a half to two hours after it. And to achieve a noticeable effect, experts advise to take a thirty-day course.

Can I cook at home?

Can I make a homemade oxygen cocktail? Yes, if you have the necessary fixtures and components. And that's what you need:

  • oxygen bottle or pillow (can be purchased at the pharmacy);
  • 200 ml of liquid base, for example, juice;
  • a third of a teaspoon of the finished foaming mixture, or, for example, half a teaspoon of dry protein powder.


  1. Dissolve the foam in the liquid.
  2. Enter the oxygen.
  3. Whisk everything actively to get foam.

Drink oxygen cocktails correctly to feel their benefits and improve their health!

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