What is dangerous for a person ozone therapy?

Many of us more than once felt the beneficial effects of ozone on ourselves, they simply did not guess what was the matter. Remember how pleasant it is to walk in a pine forest or to go out after a strong thunderstorm - there is a specific "smack" of freshness in the air, this is ozone.

In fact, if we speak in scientific terms, then ozone is a special form of oxygen, compared to it, it has more activity, and when it enters the body, it quickly decomposes into two main components: radicals and active oxygen.

Many are afraid of the presence of radicals, but this is nonsense, their number is so small that the body can easily cope with them, while hardening its antioxidant system.

Ozone is widespread, both in medicine, and the most diverse of its sections, and in cosmetology, providing local and systemic effects on the body.

What is the usefulness of such a substance for a person? It turns out that the technology of ozone therapy was practiced in its entirety during the First World War, it was very helpful in the healing of complex wounds, which tended to complications and suppuration.

Healthy body - healthy skin

At that time, therapy was performed exclusively externally, now science has made significant progress in this area: intravenous and intramuscular intakes, and sometimes even practice rectal, subcutaneous and intravaginal methods.

We decided to understand what ozone therapy is, what indications it has for use, and what is the list of its contraindications, because this is a very important point.

The area of ​​use of this therapy has a very wide space: from the influence on the external beauty and health of the organism, ending with a positive impact on important internal processes.

For example, ozone therapy is often used in such branches of medicine as gynecology, neurology, dermatology, venereal and infectious diseases, urology, general therapy and other highly specialized fields.

It is not difficult to guess that most of the human health problems, both external and internal, are associated with a disruption of the organ system. In order to improve the condition or cure a person completely - it is necessary to have a beneficial effect on each organ separately from within, which is carried out by such procedure.

Basic principles of ozone therapy treatment

The basic principle of treatment with this therapy is based on the impact of a powerful element - ozone - on most or all of the internal organs of a person, which has a positive effect on the state of the organism as a whole.

Even if a specific disease cannot be cured with the help of exposure to oxygen, then this technique can halt the development of almost any type of disease, which allows time and the opportunity to find the right way to treat a specific patient.

Be careful with similar procedures.

In addition, all patients who have used the services of an intravenous ozone therapy procedure can confirm that it is available to almost any average citizen of our country, since its price fluctuates within acceptable limits.

Although in the media it is not often possible to hear about such a positive medical therapy, the results of its application may please even the most inveterate skeptics: many patients who have suffered from severe forms of the disease have positive dynamics or a complete cure.

The main indications for the use of this tool are the following points:

  • Viral and fungal diseases, because ozone has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunomodulatory effects. Because of this, he also easily copes with severe forms of infections and bacteria.
  • The analgesic and healing effects are indispensable for open wounds; its healing properties accelerate the regenerative abilities of the human body.
  • In addition, ozone very effectively fights many diseases associated with the heart and blood vessels: myocardial infarction, thrombocytopenia, bleeding tendency, strokes, circulatory disorders, lowering blood pressure (hypertension).
  • Also, ozone therapy is a real lifeline for the treatment of alcoholism and diseases of the liver, kidneys, and the thyroid gland. As a result of several sessions of ozone therapy, the alcoholic's blood is quickly cleared of all sorts of alcohol decomposition products, if you do not stop the course of treatment, then in a short time, the liver will begin to be cleansed and restored, which naturally leads to a normal patient condition.
  • The ozone therapy procedure is an excellent way to lose weight, as well as to improve and rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck and chin.Intravenous ozone injections promote the burning of fat cells, microcirculation increases in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, promotes the resorption of the membranes of fat cells and cellulite nodules. Naturally, this treatment can not be a panacea for weight loss, but as an auxiliary and additional option is quite effective. Through the introduction of ozone injections under the skin, wrinkles are smoothed, bags under the eyes disappear, and the elasticity and firmness of the skin increases.

How is the process carried out?

The most common is the intravenous procedure, which is carried out through the introduction of normal saline, saturated with ozone.

In order for the procedure to pass correctly, it is necessary to use a special device - a medical ozonizer. In itself, the action resembles a normal dropper or intravenous infusion.

It is important to bear in mind that ozone in a solution is capable of being held no more than 20 minutes after saturation, therefore, ozone therapy is recommended to be carried out only in a clinical setting.

Typically, the duration of the procedure does not exceed 15-20 minutes, after which it is recommended to sit quietly or lie down.For everything to go smoothly, it is necessary to have a light snack beforehand, the procedure is not carried out on an empty or overflowing stomach.

The consequences of ozone therapy for humans

Like any medical procedure, ozone therapy has a number of its contraindications, but the negative effects that could arise after its implementation are rather difficult to note.

The thing is that the procedure itself is practically harmless and safe for the human body, there are no particular problems after its use, only if in some isolated cases, and so the procedure is very successful.

It is important that the procedure of ozone therapy was carried out by an experienced specialist on specialized equipment and then you are unlikely to encounter any side effects.

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