"Tears from glitter" is now on the nails

If you are still collecting sparkles around the house after the New Year holidays, then you will definitely appreciate the new trend of manicure (most likely a microtrend, but still!), Which is called Glitter Tears. The idea was presented by jewelry designer Marisa Seok, and - as you probably already guessed - for its implementation you will need varnish with flickering particles. But what color - you decide, depending on your mood, you can not limit yourself at all to one scale, but paint your nails in different colors (and add rings with stones to match!). Just do not confuse the “tear trend” with the same-name make-up technique that was relevant last year on the eve of Halloween: manicure doesn’t look so radically and quite wearable in everyday life, especially on January gray days, when the holidays are over, and you want something bright.

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