"Taxi-5" and another 7 films for fans of speed

Fans of the legendary Taxi tremble with happiness: the fifth of the French saga will finally be released on May 10, and Luc Besson is again in charge of its creation. The film promises to be spectacular, really cool, incredibly funny and terribly speedy! True, the beloved Daniel, Emilen, Lily, Peter this time we will not see, but the commissar Zhiber and his faithful assistant Alain did not go away. On the eve of the fifth part of “Taxi”, we offer to look at the premiere and other films about the thirst for speed and enjoy a fast ride, which you can only dream of on Russian roads.

A little bit about "Taxi-5"

In this part we are waiting for the incredible adventures of Eddie McLuff, Daniel's nephew, who got from his uncle only his fast white taxi, about which legends all over Marseilles! Commissioner Gibert is no longer the Commissioner, but the mayor of Marseille, while his sense of humor and strange antics have not gone away. Instead of Emilen, the role of the unlucky policeman was performed by a rookie from Paris Silvan Maro, who is charged with catching a dangerous gang of Italians on Ferrari, who are tearing the whole of France ... In general,Eddie and Sylvan will have to join forces to cope with the criminal gang, except that Daniel’s nephew doesn’t have such amazing driving skills as his uncle, so the chase will be very difficult ...

“Gone in 60 seconds”, 2000

A remake of the 1974 film of the same name by G. B. Khaliki was shot so well that he outdid his predecessor! Starring is still popular and in demand at that time Nicolas Cage and sexy pyshnotely blonde Angelina Jolie (where is all gone?). The hero of Cage - Randall Rains, nicknamed Memphis - after a long absence, is forced to return to his hometown to help his brother Kip get out of a serious scrape. The fact is that Kip contacted the “wrong guys” who put the poor guy on the counter and literally forced to steal 50 (!!!) luxury cars in just one night. The task is downright impracticable, but not for Randall. Together with his old buddies, he will have to turn the hijacking of the century, save his brother and get away from the water. P. S. The mastery of the hijacking is not revealed in the film.

The Fastest Indiana 2005

The film is based on the real life story of the famous motorcycle racer Bert Monroe, who spent a lot of time and effort to improve his favorite motorcycle of the Indian Scout brand of 1920 release.Everyone thought his idea was crazy: no one believed that this old man, who had big health problems, wouldn’t make a real racing car out of the “Indian”, but would also participate in races, setting a world record for speed! Anthony Hopkins, who played Bert, is magnificent: he laid the film in the mood, convincingly played the aging rebel, and bravely overcame the adversities that he had been “laid” on the plot.

"Death Race", 2008

When Jason Stethem appears in the films, then this is definitely an action movie: his hero is unjustly accused of something, there will be beautiful girls nearby, and the bad guys will be punished under any circumstances. In this remake of the 1975 picture, nothing has changed. The plot of the picture unfolds in 2012, in the United States, where the economy has completely collapsed, and people are forced to live in a lack of money, go to crimes and live in poor slums. The only entertainment in this ruin is a show not for life, but for death, where the notorious criminals are compelled to compete on the race track behind barbed wire. Victory is not only a saved life, but also freedom.In this meat grinder gets three-time champion-racer Jensen Ames, who was unjustly accused of killing his wife and put him in jail. The hero has no choice: he must win five races in order to free himself and take revenge ...

"Drive", 2011

The film is based on the novel of the same name by James Sallis and is made in the style of a neonuar thriller. The protagonist is a nameless driver who lives, it would seem, at first glance, a completely unremarkable life. He earns his living by stunt and car repairs, is in love with a neighbor named Irene and tries not to attract too much attention to himself. However, it is only necessary to get dark, as the driver turns from a quiet auto mechanic into a first-class racer who is engaged in transporting criminals from places of robbery. He knows his job well, never participates in raids and does not take up arms. The next deal is abruptly changing the life of a guy, and now he will have to run away from dangerous gangsters, because a big reward is assigned to his head.

Race, 2013

70s of the twentieth century. It is this time is considered to be the heyday of auto racing. Desperate racers on sports cards compete with each other for the right to be the first.Victory is the only thing that matters ... Adrenaline, risk, excitement, success, danger, beautiful girls, champagne, the best clubs and restaurants - the “side effect” of the finish, which not everyone will reach ... Two irreconcilable opponents in the history of racing - a charming playboy James Hunt from Great Britain and disciplined perfectionist Niki Lauda from Austria are ready to do anything to win. They bring themselves to physical, emotional, psychological and nervous exhaustion, quarrel with lovers and friends, hate each other in public and empathize with the soul ... The play of the actors is strong, the end is unpredictable and emotional, the passions are furious, and the drama is deep.

“Fast and the Furious”, 2001–2017

One of the most famous, profitable and cool action movie about speed! At the moment, eight media franchise films have been released, and the creators are not going to stop there. If in the first parts of the "Fast and the Furious" the action revolved around policeman Brian O'Conneri, who now and then had to catch dangerous criminals, rubbing them into trust, then after the tragic death of Paul Walker, the "blanket" was dragged by Vin Diesel, who plays a desperate driver Dominic Toretto. He came to his senses and left the clan of “bad guys,” choosing a good side.Now Dominic catches criminals, helps bring drug barons to clear water and saves beautiful girls!

Bonus: "Cars"

Meet the hero of the film - Lightning McQueen, or simply Sticker, as affectionately and a little disdainfully called his beauty Sally from the backwood, called Radiator Springs. Lightning (NASCAR racing car) is an arrogant, arrogant, self-confident type, who drops out of its trailer on the way to the next race, spoils the road to Radiator Springs and is now held hostage by friendly city residents. Poor McQueen will have to sweat a lot to not only fix the road and gain the trust of the local "aborigines", but also to arrive in California on time for the next race. Each new cartoon is another adventure of Lightning McQueen, his friends and serious passions that heat up before the Ram Cup.

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