Take care of your lips at night so that in the morning they look breathtakingly

The rainy weather is so cruel to the delicate skin of the lips. From pink, alluring, pleasant to the touch, they turn into something cracked, dry, having an unhealthy reddish color. In addition to an unattractive appearance, this is also quite painful. You can spend a lot of money on various cosmetic products, however, so that your sponges look stunning at any time of the year, it is enough to follow these simple rules of care for them.

Peeling is our everything!

To get rid of dead cells and restore the softness of the sponges, pamper them with peeling. To do this, mix a teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar and in a circular motion with this mixture to massage the affected skin for a few minutes. Wash off with warm water. This procedure is desirable to be carried out every evening for several weeks.

Take care of your lips with Vaseline

This inexpensive remedy will wonderfully eliminate dryness and restore delicate skin. Use it throughout the day. For a better effect, you can apply honey for a few seconds along with petroleum jelly and then remove all with a cotton swab. Do not forget also to feed sponges with a small layer at night.


Be sure to use hygienic lipstick before going out. Then bad weather can not harm the delicate skin of the lips. If, after all, you have it cracked, do not allow yourself to bite off dry crusts. Do not lick your lips.

Listen to our advice, and your lips will be amazing.

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