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Hello, I have type 1 diabetes, I would very much like to lose weight (my weight is now 60 kg with 159 cm) for 3-4 kg. I can't sit on diets, because I myself understand that I need a varied diet. What do you advise?


Good afternoon. It all depends on your age, as well as anthropometric data. For a more correct and accurate selection of food, even for 2 weeks, I recommend contacting a dietitian.


In fact, the diet can and should eat a variety of. There is a mass of products, at first glance, not quite dietary, but which you can just eat for breakfast, get the required number of trace elements and not get fat.

I agree with the author. Diet is a huge variety of foods and delicious dishes. You just need to show imagination. I myself sit on proper nutrition and go to the gym. When there is no time to cook and this recipe helps me out. I take thin lavashik, grease it with Hochland cheese, throw a variety of vegetables at it, which can be found in the refrigerator and any lean meat. Kick-ass thing. It is also very convenient to take with you to workout, to eat on the way later.

And how can processed cheese be attributed to PP? And in general, the product is doubtful, all in trans fats.

Maybe better with the endocrinologist to consult on nutrition.

60/159, I'll tell you, quite a good weight. I do not understand why girls want to be like skeletons? diabetes generally by itself severely limits the available diet of foods, right herehttps://poslediabeta.ru/pitanie/shto-mozhno-est-pri-diabete/you can find out what you can eat, and what not. in small portions you can lose weight even on fried meat, in fact.

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