Summer freshness: cucumber masks

For tired skin, the following recipe is ideal: on a fine grater, rub fresh cucumber and mix 1 tbsp. the resulting mass with ½ tbsp. white clay. Mix well and add some boiled water so that a thick consistency mass is obtained. Apply the mixture evenly on clean skin and leave it for 12-15 minutes. After rinse with cool water.
The nourishing mask is quite simple to prepare and is considered universal. On a fine grater, rub the medium cucumber. In the resulting mass, add 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, warm milk and cottage cheese. Mix all ingredients until smooth and apply on face. Remove the mask after 15 minutes with cool mineral water.
For dry skin, a mask of 3 tbsp. fresh cucumber juice and 1 tbsp. almond oil. Lubricate the mixture with the resulting mixture and wait half an hour. After this time, wash with warm water. After this procedure, the skin will be incredibly smooth and velvety.
Owners of oily and problem skin can make the following mask: 2 tbsp. Mix fresh cucumber juice with pre-whipped egg white.The composition is applied with a cotton swab or a special brush on the face strictly along the massage lines. Hold the mask for 15 minutes and rinse with mineral water.

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