Stylish Wool Bracelets

If you have the remains of wool, and you do not know where to put it, then you can make an original bracelet from it.

Manufacturing options

How to make an interesting bracelet of wool? Consider a few ways.

Method one

To make such an accessory you will need:

  • wool;
  • soap;
  • water;
  • thread and needle;
  • pimply packaging film;
  • glue or glue gun;
  • rhinestone.


  1. First prepare the base and the soap solution. Spread the pimply film on a flat surface with the pimples up. In half a glass of warm water, dissolve about half a teaspoon of soap or a full spoon of soap shavings.
  2. Next, take the wool and lay the fibers in layers around the middle of the packaging film. Try to form a rectangle. The width can be arbitrary (optimal - 2-3 centimeters), and the length will be equal to the girth of the wrist plus 1-2 cm. The thickness of the workpiece depends on your preferences, but remember that after felting it will greatly decrease.
  3. Dampen the laid wool with soapy water, but it is not large: either touch it with your hand before pouring it with the solution, or use a spray bottle. The edges are soaked last.
  4. Then cover the workpiece with the free edge of the pimpled film and start the felting process. To do this, twist the film along with the coat, then re-deploy and repeat such actions for five to ten minutes, depending on the type and characteristics of the coat. You can check the readiness as follows: try to separate the fibers of the workpiece, and if they are not separated, then the process is complete.
  5. Now, around the edges of the rectangular piece of felted wool, thread to make the ties that will hold the ends together. It is better to use thick and thick threads, they will look more interesting.
  6. Go to the decor: stick on the bracelet rhinestones. You can glue them chaotically, in a certain order or in the form of patterns and figures.
  7. Fashionable bracelet ready!

Such a bracelet can be slightly modified and made solid if a wire or a metal blank is placed in a layer of wool before felting.Then the accessory will be bent and fixed in this position, and no strings will be required.

Second way

This method will allow you to make a bright multi-colored bracelet made of woolen beads. Here is what you need:

  • wool of different colors;
  • a thick needle with a wide eye;
  • a thin elastic band (it is usually used for making bracelets);
  • water;
  • soap.

Process description:

  1. Prepare a soap solution from half a glass of warm water and 5-7 grams of solid soap without additives.
  2. Peel off a small amount of wool fiber. You can use one color, two or several at once, to get beads with unusual patterns.
  3. Get to felting. To do this, moisten a wool ball in a soapy solution and start rolling with your fingers or palms. You can also roll the workpiece on a flat surface, covered with oilcloth. You got a tight ball - it is a bead.
  4. In the same way pile the rest of the beads. They can be multi-colored and even have different sizes.
  5. Pierce all the beads with a needle in the middle and string them on the elastic. Done!

Tip: You can use natural wool and dye it with dyes for fabrics.

Be sure to try to make an original and cute wool bracelet for yourself or as a gift. It is very easy!

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