Stretch ceiling for bathroom

Stretch ceiling for bathroomWhen making a decision to make repairs, we always try to choose the most reliable and aesthetically attractive way of finishing. This also applies to the ceiling surface. For different rooms in our time apply modern technology - install tension ceilings. They have advantageous characteristics both in the quality and in the decorative aspect.
The design of the bathroom or shower room with tension cloths has its advantages:

  • Firstly, it is worth mentioning that stretch ceilings are made of polyvinyl chloride. This material does not allow condensation to form on its surface when changing the moisture regime. As a result, the coating will not form mold and fungus, which so often appear in such premises.
  • The waterproofness of the tensioning cloths prevents water from penetrating into the room in case of flooding. On its surface, PVC film withstands up to 100 liters of water per 1 square meter. meter.With strong pressure, the fabric can stretch and take a drop-like shape, sometimes sagging even to the floor. In case of flooding it is not recommended to drain the water yourself - call the team of installers who installed the ceiling. They will gently drain the liquid and dry the tensioning device. After it returns its former appearance. As a result, your repair will not suffer damage by flooding, and the ceiling will retain its properties.
  • The tension product with time will not require redecoration, will retain its qualities for half a century with proper care and careful handling.

Caring for PVC coating involves wiping its surface once a year with a soft sponge. If you have installed a varnish sheet, it can be cleaned using a window cleaner with a low alcohol content, so there will be no streaks. You do not need to press hard on it when cleaning the coating so that it does not touch the supporting ceiling.

You should also be aware that for vinyl canvases it is necessary to limit the power of lighting devices - halogen lamps up to 35 W, incandescence up to 60 W. Otherwise, traces may form on the coating, the film in the places of heating will melt and change shape.

It is important to be extremely careful when working with sharp objects or tools near the stretch ceiling, because the film is very easy to cut or hole through with one reckless movement, which will incur additional costs for carrying out the repair of the web.

We now turn to the decorative aspect of vinyl bathroom fabrics. Usually such rooms are not large in size, and when they are finished, light materials are used in order to at least somewhat increase the space, at least visually. Stretch products are recommended to choose a lacquer (glossy) texture, because their mirror surface reflects all objects, equipment, cranes. Due to this, the room is visually enlarged, it becomes taller and lighter, it creates a clean and tidy atmosphere. The lacquer texture of PVC material is presented in about 200 shades, which will allow you to choose the most suitable for the design of your bathroom.(

If the room is quite spacious and you would like to add some zest to it, then installing a multi-level ceiling structure will help you with this.You can even choose to perform 3D 3D shapes on the ceiling, such as waves, arches, dunes, domes, etc. Perhaps the best for the bathroom would be the composition of the waves. They are made of different PVC film textures, the canvases are located on different levels, have asymmetric shapes and different heights.

Application of photo printing material on PVC using a large-format production printer will help to create the decoration of your bathroom. Usually, for such a room, select drawings for sea and water themes in blue, turquoise and blue tones. These can be fish, sea waves, predators of the ocean, etc.

To create a "glowing" bathroom interior, install a translucent ceiling in it. It passes light, the fixtures are located behind the PVC surface. An atmosphere is created, flooded with light and bright lighting effects complement it. In this case, you can use complex decorative lighting systems and neon ribbons. Photo printing on such a product will add to it the volume and brightness. In addition, a translucent texture will make the room visually roomier and taller.

You can order the installation of a tension cover at Asta M, which has been manufacturing and installing such structures for more than 10 years ( the company's website, you can take a closer look at the advantages of stretch products and their types, ask a question to a consultant online, and also call a measurer at a house.

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