Strategies to go beyond the trading range

Strategies to go beyond the trading rangeThere are three ways in which you can fine-tune your strategy to go beyond the trading range.


Observing whether the outflow of long-term trading ranges leads to more profitable purchases and sales than going beyond the more short-term trading ranges.


Understanding that going beyond the narrow trading ranges usually leads to more profitable trading operations than when the price fluctuations in the trading range occur within fairly wide limits.


Sometimes it is useful to wait a bit to make sure that going beyond the limits of the trading range actually takes place. It is important to make sure that the shares did not return to their usual trading range before taking this or that position. This discreet approach will save you from a possible negative market reaction. The desire to start selling immediately after the release of shares outside the trading range is quite natural, but to identify the market's reaction to these sales is equally important,how to identify the very fact of the release of shares outside the trading range.


It is almost impossible to capture the lowest price consistently, even if you master the art of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and follow the recommendations of the most authoritative experts in the field of economic forecasting. Technical analysis will help you identify the moments of transition, but it is not a tool for predicting the development of the economic situation. Even if you master the art of technical analysis, you will never buy stocks at their lowest prices and rarely go out of their positions at the highest prices.


If, however, you wait until a reliable trading signal appears, then you can use the middle section of the trend in the current stock price movement. Do not be greedy. The middle part of the trend is a very profitable trading period.

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