Stone Barbecue

Today, among the owners of suburban housing is very popular theme of the construction of various furnaces, barbecues, smokehouses and of course barbecue. All of the above has mainly come to us from abroad, and everything new is very interesting) A barbecue can be made of metal, brick, stone or blocks, it all depends on the preference of the owner and his financial capabilities. The stationary stove is an expensive pleasure laid out by a specialist, but if you build it yourself, you’ll have a budget.

The base was taken granite stone size 20x20 cm and cement-sand mixture. Flooded the foundation, and then laid the foundation in the shape of the letter "E" Concrete table top.

So, let's consider what exactly is needed for the construction of a stone barbecue?


1. granite stone 20x20
2. cement
3. sand
4. fittings
5. Plywood
6. gang screening or fine gravel
7. metal grill for barbecue
8. metal rod


1. shovel
2. trowel
3. mallet
4. level
5. hacksaw for metal
6. The hammer
7. hacksaw for wood
8. Roulette

Step-by-step instructions for building a barbecue from a stone with your own hands.

As in any other construction, everything begins with the foundation, namely, the necessary ground is cleared and the upper layer of the earth is removed along with the sod. The pit digging depth of 25-30 cm is quite enough; a 10 cm layer of the hartsinka is placed on the bottom, that is, the screening grain mixed with cement in the ratio of 1: 4 is moistened with water, tamped and leveled in the process. Next, the rubble stone is laid out with a distance of 1-2 cm, and the cavity is filled with cement-sand mortar.

At the bottom of the pit, you first need to lay geotextiles.

After the foundation is ready, the master proceeds to the laying of the furnace walls.

The base is divided into 2 parts, firewood will be placed in these stoves.

The walls rise in 3 rows of these stones, it all depends on your height, of course, you need to build for yourself naturally.

Then the tabletop is made, in this case, the author used curbs from paving slabs.

On the base of the table-top lay 2 rows of stones brazier.

A metal bar is laid in the seam at a distance of 10 cm from the surface of the tabletop, and the rest at a distance of at least 5 cm.

This is how the author folded the stationary open-type barbecue stove in such a simple way, as you can see there is nothing difficult here and the strength to build a person with no experience in construction.

You can also improve this oven and make it closed. Here, the same process only the countertop was made separately. On a flat surface, formwork is knocked off from the board, a waterproofing material is laid in the lower part and stones are laid with a distance of 1-2 cm from each other, after which everything is poured with a liquid cement-sand mortar.

Further, the brazier is also laid out, but with the addition of an arch that can be bent out of plywood.

The arch is laid out with a stone on a cement-sand mortar, to strengthen the structure is added a metal rod and reinforcing mesh.

The rear wall is also laid out with a stone, but in the upper part space is left, it will serve as a chimney.

You can also put a cauldron on the grill and cook pilaf for example or cook the soup.

It turned out a good oven, but it is desirable for not yet make a small canopy so that the rains do not wash away the masonry seams, and on the countertop you can lay ceramic tiles.

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