Spring trend: satin clothes


Buying the first in the life of expensive silk pajamas would be worth celebrating with caviar and champagne. After all, now you know exactly what the definition of “live luxuriously” implies, and still get at your disposal the best version of a summer trouser suit for holidays and weekends.

Pajamas Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Pajamas (£ 340)


The younger brother of the very "nightie", without which we tried to do, is a satin jumpsuit with thin straps. However, the meaning of the light metamorphosis in the cut itself does not change: if there is no outerwear, and festive shoes, then this is the most evening dress.

Mango Jumpsuit

Overalls Mango (5 499 rub.)

A bag

Color block is a favorite subject of the Diane von Furstenberg brand along with geometric prints. Practical and durable, this accessory will not name, but who thinks about eternity, when in front of you such a playful bright color and perfect shape?

Satin Diane von Furstenberg Bag

Satin Diane von Furstenberg Bag (€ 335)


Democratic brands can be original not worse than designer ones: only 3,000 rubles, and you will have a dress in your collection that is not too lazy to comment on every one.

Satin Topshop Dress

Satin Topshop Dress (£ 38)

Ankle Booties

Shoes from the series “before the first puddle”, but already at a distance you can predict the magical effect of visual lengthening of the legs, which is facilitated by a high heel and “mimicry” to the skin color of vanilla-pink color.

Kendall + Kylie Booties

Bootillions Kendall + Kylie (4 777 rubles at a discount)


In satin underwear some kind of, separate code of sexuality, and the usual lace underwear on its background looks like a "commoner" in your locker. Add also a mysterious shade of dusty lavender, and it's ready - the magic of attraction has already occurred.

Bra Fleur du Mal

Bra Fleur du Mal (8 862 rub.)


This blouse of the color of London sky seems to belong to Victoria Beckham's wardrobe, since the latter hit on minimalism and fell in love with women's clothing with a strict character and extremely expensive appearance.

Connolly blouse

Connolly blouse (€ 408)

Waist bag

Bags on the belt this spring and summer will be decidedly on every second. And there is nothing you can do about it: with our rhythm of life and numerous sports hobbies, such accessories and shoulders liberating accessories conquer an army of female fans. And by the way, not necessarily a sports kind - the options from the noble atlas and velvet will be found without difficulty.

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