Son Nagiyev argued with his father for a million

But not rubles, but likes in Instagram.
Dmitry Nagiyev on Instagram
Kirill and Dmitry Nagiyevs
Photo: Instagram

The son Dmitry Nagiyev Kirill decided by all means to lure his famous father to Instagram. Today he decided to argue with him for a million likes!

�Friends, Dmitry Nagiyev is not on Instagram! But there is an opportunity to attract him here! But just registering is too easy! Today we argued with him that if this post got a MILLION likes, it would lead a page on Instagram! It is this post and it is on my page on Instagram! Forward! Maximum repost! �- Cyril wrote and attached a photo of his father.

Nagiyev Junior has already been supported by more than 130 subscribers. Will he get 1 million likes by the beginning of the next day? We will follow!

Recall, Kirill Nagiyev recently graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art and in his 25 years has already managed to play in more than 15 TV shows.

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