Some secrets of repair.

Some secrets of repair.

Some secrets of repair.



Repair is not loved by everyone. Many people do not like him so much that they don’t even do it themselves, but hire workers. But for those who do their own repairs in the apartment, redevelopment or simply change the interior, it will be useful to learn some of the secrets of repair.


Stretch ceilings and their types.



Stretch ceiling- this is exactly what will make your apartment, office unique and unique. If earlier you had to plaster, dub, paint ceilings for a long time, now all flaws and flaws will hide light and beautiful stretch structures.


  1. Stretch ceilings can be simple single-level and complex multi-level. Under them you can hide various communications (wiring, ventilation).
  2. Stretch ceilings and their types are mounted in different ways. For installation of stretch ceilings you need from two hours to two days, depending on their complexity. They can be with different curves and differences, which takes much more time than a simple tension structure.
  3. Another advantage of stretch ceilings is that they are easy to dismantle and use in other rooms.
  4. The life span of stretch ceilings is also impressive, it is twenty-twenty-five years without additional investments.
  5. Also stretch ceilings do not require special care. It is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth using standard detergents.
    The design can be very diverse, but here everything depends on the flight of your imagination. Bright starry sky, animals, landscapes - the embodiment of any ideas for designers is not a problem.

Stretch ceilings and their types. All types of stretch ceilings are divided into welded and seamless.

  1. Welded (seam) ceilings are made of PVC film. The main advantage is an affordable price and a variety of colors and textures. They can be glossy and matte, of various colors, imitate suede, leather and marble. Such ceilings are mounted using a special dryer under the influence of heat, so when installing welded ceilings, it is worth freeing the room from furniture. the seam at the end of the work becomes almost invisible. However, there are of them is that over time the film can spread, it can easily be scratched, and it is not resistant to low temperatures.
  2. Seamless ceilings comprise a fabric base made of natural silk or calico soaked in vinyl, polyurethane or latex. They are made seamless without seams, the width can be more than five meters. Often these ceilings are made with the so-called "lightning" that provides access to hidden communications. The only and quite significant disadvantage is their high cost.


You have learned what kind of stretch ceilings and their types. The use of stretch ceilings will add elegance and will add extra comfort to your home.


Care of laminate floors.



Laminate- reliable material with a large number of advantages. As a rule, it is made of solid and durable material, which makes caring for it quite easy.


Care of laminate floors. In order to clean the floor, made of this material, there is no need to use any special cleaning and polishing agents. It will be sufficient only to vacuum it and wipe it with a rag. Usually,The laminate coating remains in good quality for more than 10 years, however, its service time may be reduced if the room has unfavorable temperature, humidity and other operating conditions. Most manufacturers provide a guarantee of long-lasting service of such floors, during which their appearance remains the same as it was with the purchase.


Some secrets of repair.

Some secrets of repair.

There are some rules that will help you increase the life of your laminate:

  1. Dry clean to avoid clogging of seams with sand and other dirt.
  2. Under wet cleaning means washing the floor with water, as well as wiping it dry with a special cloth.
  3. In the process of wiping it is necessary to change water as often as possible.
  4. No need for polish or wax
  5. Any liquid spilled on the surface must be wiped off immediately.
  6. Do not use coarse fabrics or other fabrics that may damage the floor during cleaning.
  7. Do not wet the laminate, because it may swell from the liquid
  8. The dirt laminate floor begins to grow old, damaged, which is bad for its appearance.To avoid this, you can cover the floor with small carpets, try to avoid moving heavy objects on the floor surface.


Care of laminate floors is not easy. If you are faced with a situation where you need to get rid of minor scratches on the floor, then you should get a laminate putty in a specialized store. But in case the damage level is very high, it will be more reasonable to simply replace the damaged segment with a new one.


Traces of markers, paints or oils can be removed with a special detergent for such floors or liquids to remove varnish. Juices, wines, syrup, blood and other liquids are removed by a harmless product that should be applied to a light-colored fabric. Wax stains and other sticky dirt should be removed according to the following scheme: allow the substance to solidify, scrape off the dirt and wipe off any remaining contaminants.


Increase the area of ​​the room, removing the loggia.



Living space has always been a sore subject for Russians. One way to increase the available space is to merge rooms and loggias. Interestingly, this method is used not only by tenants of old houses, but also by happy owners of apartments in new buildings. Let's look at this method.


There are 3 types of changes in the room of a loggia or balcony: just glazing, glazing with heat insulation, and, finally, joining the space of a balcony or loggia with preceding glazing and insulation.


Increase the area of ​​the room, removing the loggia. It would seem that this is an ideal option to expand the apartment, allowing you to increase the usable area. However, in fact, this redevelopment is one of the most complicated, because its legal design includes a large number of technical, construction and other norms.


On the Internet, such redevelopment is actively discussed, for residents of the apartment this is an absolute plus, but for the city and neighbors - these are big problems.

Increase the area of ​​the room, removing the loggia. In accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, any redevelopment of an apartment is allowed only after approval by the local administration. Some people consider this resolution a stupid formality, but an unauthorized increase in living space can entail major troubles related to the technical safety of the building, as well as the violation of its architectural appearance.

In this regard, the authorities are trying to actively resist any changes in the structure of the house, and are fighting a fierce struggle with homeowners. But not all this stops. In addition, this issue is relevant for residents of new buildings, with already glazed balconies. So this topic does not lose its relevance.


Another way to join the usable area is to contact a private company that specializes in the development of design changes. Prices for such services vary, for example, in Moscow, they cost about 60,000 rubles, and many Muscovites are happy to turn to such firms.

But some make re-planning without any permission and appeal to private companies. And this can entail serious consequences, such as compulsion to pay for a special examination, as well as the development of a corresponding redevelopment project. Moreover, the court may decide to return the layout to its original state, if the changes damaged the appearance of the house or prevented the neighbors.

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