Soft toy cat in the shape of a heart

Congratulate loved ones and loved ones with the holiday can be expensive gifts from the store. But besides this it will be nice to get a little surprise. Cute cat in the shape of a heart will be a great gift for your birthday or March 8. The charming toy will lift your spirits and will be a wonderful reminder of your tender feelings. Such a gift will be a wonderful addition to the decor of any room, bring in bright colors and additional comfort. Handmade products always give a special atmosphere of comfort and kindness. Sewing such a cat is not at all difficult, and materials can be found at home.
 a cat in the shape of a heart
It will take: flap of red fabric. It can be velor, fleece, silk. In this case, a printed atlas was used. • Filler for soft toys. • Eyes (sold in sewing shops or handicrafts departments). • Threads black and pink.You can take a mulina, then embroidery will be more expressive or ordinary sewing thread. • A narrow ribbon for a bow. • Adhesive. Cut out a template.
 cat in the shape of a heart
We put the pattern on the fabric, we circle it with chalk.  cat in the shape of a heart
Cut out two details of a cat.
 cat in the shape of a heart
On one detail we sew stitches with a mustache and a spout. Sticking eyes. Sew a bow.
 cat in the shape of heart
We fold both parts together with the front side and sew, leaving a small slot for filling the toy. We turn out the product, tightly fill with filler and sew up the left slot. Cat in the shape of a heart is ready.
 cat in the shape of heart
The toy can be hanged by the tail on the door handle or other protruding surface.
cat in the shape of a heart

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