Sneakers - we wear properly fashionable shoes (10 photos)

The life of modern young people is so active, intense and diverse, a constant pace and rhythm make you give preference in favor of comfortable, convenient and practical, not only clothes, but also shoes. Of course, this does not mean that this fact will make us look dull, gray and faceless, fashionable world designers work tirelessly, and, it may be noted, it’s not for nothing.

The sports style, which relatively recently flooded half of the world's catwalks and ordinary city streets, firmly settled in the ranks of the youth, painted with hints of chic and light glamor, which together with comfort and practicality create a very successful and stylish tandem.

For fashionistas

Borders, which clearly separated functionality and style, have finally lost their meaning, especially for women's shoes - uncomfortable studs and narrow pumps can be sent to the upper-most upper shelves of mezzanines, because now adventurous and unusual sneakers are in fashion. What is it, you probably ask? No, this is not a famous chocolate bar, by no means.

Sports chic

Quite recently, women's sneakers changed a little, they lost some of their characteristics, but they got new and very unexpected, which combined all those shoe features that are so necessary for modern and active youth: beauty, comfort, relevance, fashion and style.

The main question that arises for most girls, what is the reason for wearing sneakers so fashionable this season? It turns out that everything is simple, such unique shoes are combined with almost everything!

Original solution

Snickers can be both male and female, an exception, perhaps, make up the model on the wedge, do not be surprised, and this, it turns out, it happens. Not everyone liked this modern fashion trend, at first they were quite skeptical of snickers, however, the classic models quickly acquired a variety of subspecies, each of which is actively promoting the brand.

A special impetus in the development of popularity of this style was the active interest of designers, almost all fashion houses in the world represent to the world their own vision and stylization of sneakers.Isabel Marant, Nike, Addidas, Converse, Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin - and this is only a small part of the famous design houses that have turned simply comfortable shoes into trendy ones.

Casual style

It is worth noting that this fashion trend quickly fell to the taste of many world celebrities: Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Leighton Meester, Alesander Ambrosio and many others. Still, because they are incredibly easy to combine with almost any elements of the wardrobe, a variety of models allows you to create each time a new and unique bow.

Sneakers - fashion trend of spring and summer 2014

If you are looking for a new pair of shoes for the coming spring, summer or even winter season, then sneakers are the best option in which you will not go unnoticed. Which option is right for you? Classic on a flat sole or on a hidden platform, which, as well as possible, lengthens the length of the legs?

Glamor image

Or maybe give preference to bold, bright and rich colors that will help to create a very unusual and unexpected image, and maybe monophonic or in a bold minimalist style? Well, it's up to you, because any of these models is at stake in the popularity and world love of the great secular fashionistas.

The main feature of sneakers is their amazing versatility: they easily form part of both the sporting and the classic look.

With their help, it is rather easy to emphasize one's own taste and individuality, and also to supplement the casual style that is so relevant and fashionable lately, the luxury and functionality of such shoes really fascinates.

So, what is the best way to choose for yourself and with what to combine a specific model in order to appear before your friends and the outside world with a real style icon? Let's figure it out.

Popular models and trendy combinations

Isabel Marant suede sneakers on wedge heels are those shoes that do not require additional presentation and advertising, because the model of this design house can be considered exemplary in any situation. The peculiar stylization of sports style, which is expressed in a stylish design, smooth lines, luxurious colors and steady wedges, made them more than feminine sports shoes.

For modern girls

These sneakers are perfectly combined with narrow jeans, leggings and pants, which can be easily complemented with a voluminous knitted sweater or cardigan if it's cool outside, or a light democratic T-shirt with a bright print.

Sneakers, fashionable leather biker jacket, the principle of layering and narrow leggings will do their job - youth style casual is provided to you, here, the main thing is not to overdo it with the color gamut, as the shoes should be combined with one of the elements of the image.

For lovers of sports style

Sneakers on a wedge are perfectly combined with mini-dresses, dresses with a half-sun skirt, as well as mini and midi skirts, sometimes even maxi variants are considered! In the latter case, it is especially important to observe the principle of compatibility of colors and textures: sneakers should be in harmony with the skirt or bag, no bright contrasts.

Street hooligan

In addition to the models from Isabel Marant, the Converse sneakers, which are represented by models on a flat sole, somewhat reminiscent of classic women's sneakers, are very popular. Bright white skin creates a noble, expensive and stylish image that blends remarkably into sports, student and youth direction.

Contrast tights or leggings, tapered skirts, fitted blouses and voluminous jackets are a very extravagant, but incredibly stylish solution for going to university or for walking with friends.Want a little boldness and color? Choose a short elegant dress, add stylish jewelry and accessories, complement the whole image with a leather jacket and black sneakers.

Appropriate in different styles

The most unexpected decision will be lace, deep cuts and classic cut, which is combined with similar shoes, which, of course, resembles sneakers.

But that's the beauty of sneakers - they really differ from their predecessors, having a special charm and unique ability to fit into almost any image. Of course, everywhere it is important to observe the line of what is permitted, unfortunately, not everything that passes on the world fashion catwalks can be projected onto real life.

Star mommy

For example, a strict classic trouser suit or an evening dress in the floor in combination with sneakers will look more funny than stylish. But this is perhaps the only serious limitation, otherwise, fantasize and combine different styles, this is the main charm of such an unusual shoe.

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