Sims: how to become a witch?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
November 4, 2014
Sims: how to become a witch?

Magic and magic have always attracted their mystery and mystery. It’s so pleasant to create something mesmerizing with one stroke of a magic wand, or, on the contrary, to punish one’s offender, having felt complete power over his fate. So for fans of Sims 3, a joyful event happened - magic appeared in the game. So, how to become a witch in Sims?

Method 1

  1. Run the game Sims.
  2. We leave for a public site.
  3. We observe the terrain that near the phone booth.
  4. We are waiting for the witch. As a rule, this can occur both immediately and within three game days.
  5. Attention! The appearance of the witch is accompanied by a loud sound, as well as a visual effect. For example, when a good sorceress appears, a beautiful glow with a bluish tinge appears.
  6. We start a conversation with her in order to make friends.
  7. After achieving this goal, persuade her to turn you into a witch or sorcerer (depending on the gender of your game character).
  8. We click on the line in the dialogue “Lead me to the path of light / darkness” and choose our future qualification.

Method 2

  1. We go in the room to create a game character.
  2. Create the kind of witch you like the most.
  3. Important! The editor window allows you not only to choose a character class and its appearance, but also to give it a wide variety of character traits.
  4. After that, click "play".
  5. After the character is created, he will be automatically assigned the ability to magic.

Method 3

  1. "Pumping" possession of the skill of alchemy up to level 9.
  2. We find the following ingredients: toad, firefly and stone of the moon.
  3. Cook an elixir with the name "Magic Potion."
  4. We drink it and turn into a witch.
  5. We are starting to develop our new magic skills.
  6. It should be noted that for those who do not like to wait long and engage in pumping the skill of alchemy, it will be enough to go to the shop "Elixirs and Goods of Alistair" and acquire the corresponding potion already in it.
  7. Important! If for some reason you are tired of playing a witch, then you can create or buy the potion “Powerful Healing Elixir”. After drinking it, your character will turn into an ordinary Sim.

In the game you can become not only a witch, but also a mermaid.

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