Simple exercises with dumbbells at home

Exercises with dumbbells - this is an excellent home trainer, which, in principle, is accessible to everyone, easily transported and helps to keep the whole body in shape. Dumbbells are excellent helpers in maintaining the health and well-being of your body, and are also an excellent tool to give beautiful relief to your body.

With the help of dumbbells you can lose weight, as well as correct some of the shortcomings of your figure, which is especially necessary for a body that is undergoing age-related changes.

For effective exercises at home, you will need to purchase dumbbells to gain weight over time. It is not recommended to buy dumbbells for 1 and 2 kg, which do not have the possibility of expansion, as often in such dumbbells the weight does not correspond to the declared one, and even for the achievement of the maximum effect such weight will not be enough.

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Dumbbells not only help to improve the tone of the whole body, but also improve the mobility of the joints, as well as affect the endurance of the whole body. It will be enough 2 hours a week of training with dumbbells to achieve a noticeable result.

Doing at least half an hour a day, you can get rid of 200 extra calories, adjust the normal metabolism and improve the digestion process, which directly affects the good mood and healthy spirit.

For people who have back problems, training with dumbbells can be a great way to help forget about back pain forever, besides, dumbbell exercises are an excellent preventive against spinal cancer. Exercises with dumbbells are an excellent sports simulator for women of middle and mature age, helping to prevent osteoporosis and bone density.

For women who are unhappy with the shape of their breasts, home exercises with dumbbells can be a great way to improve it. Often, women who breastfeed, especially for a long time, suffer from the fact that the breast does not return to its former form, as during pregnancy it increases in volume, so the pectoral muscles and the skin of the chest stretch.

Over time, the mammary gland acquires the same size, but muscles and skin do not, which leads to sagging of the breast. Exercises with dumbbells are a great way to strengthen the pectoral muscles and return the breasts to their former elasticity, without resorting to various plastic surgeries.

By the way, such exercises not only have a beneficial effect on the arms and chest, but also perfectly work out the abdominal muscles, back muscles and even the leg muscles.

For pectoral muscles

Before you start any set of exercises with dumbbells, you need to do a little warm-up, which will warm up and prepare your muscles for the necessary loads.

Usually, the warm-up proceeds for 10 minutes, it includes warming up the muscles of the neck of the head, you can make several tilts in different directions, stretch the muscles, and also make legs and arms swing. An excellent warm-up will be running for 10-15 minutes, or a small dance band, for example, zumba.

An excellent exercise that effectively affects the development and strengthening of the pectoral muscles is the following. Lie on your back on the sports bench, a similar design can be made of two or three stools, put together.

The legs are bent at the knees, and the arms, slightly bent at the elbows, are moved away from the chest behind the head. For a start it will be enough dumbbell B1 kg, gradually increasing the weight. It is necessary to do 3 repetitions 20 times.

The following exercise is aimed not only at the development of the chest muscles, but also at the work of the back muscles. Stand up straight, knees slightly bent, legs shoulder-width apart. Hands stretched forward horizontally to the floor, palms up. It is necessary to bend your hands in the elbows, pulling your palms to your shoulders. The exercise is performed in 3 repetitions 10 times.

The following exercise is performed with one dumbbell weighing at least 4 kg. Stand up straight, knees slightly bent, feet shoulder-width apart. Both hands, which hold the dumbbell, are pulled forward, parallel to the floor, then are attracted to the chest, extending the elbows to the sides. The exercise is repeated 8 times in two approaches.

The following exercise is also performed from a standing position. The legs are slightly bent, in the hands of the dumbbell is not less than 2 kg. Hands should carry out "scissors", spread from the shoulder, crossing hands on chest levels. During the exercise, it is important to ensure that hands do not fall below chest level. Performed 3 sets of 20 times.

For back and arms

The exercise presented very well strengthens the back muscles, as well as the oblique abdominal muscles. Starting position - the back is flat, legs shoulder-width apart, slightly bent. Arms are extended along the body, in each hand are dumbbells at 2 kg minimum. Bending is performed first in one direction - one arm is lowered as low as possible along the body, and the other with dumbbells is held on the belt, and then in the other. Enough 3 sets of 15 times on each side.

The following exercise perfectly develops biceps, which gives a beautiful relief for the arms. Starting position - again standing, arms extended along the body, elbows pressed to the body. Carry out lifting hands with dumbbells, bending them in the elbows. Make sure your elbows are not torn off from the body, this is an important point. The weight of the dumbbells should not be less than 1.5 kg, 3 sets of 30 times are performed.

In the next exercise, the initial position is the same, only the arms in the shoulders rise up above the head, after which they gently bend in the elbows and descend to the level of the nape. During the exercise, it is necessary to fix the elbows so that they remain motionless, the arms in the elbows are bent.Exercise perfectly develops the shoulder and spinal muscles, 3 sets of 20 times.

Exercises with dumbbells, which can be performed for weight loss, are mainly associated with bending, as well as with squats, but all the above exercises for the arms and chest also contribute to weight loss. It is necessary to develop a set of exercises that will be convenient for you, and in which all the muscles of the body will be maximally involved.

Squats and lunges

With dumbbells, it is great to perform squats, holding dumbbells in arms extended along the body, it is necessary to ensure that the dumbbells are parallel to each other, and also that the back remains in an even position. Dumbbells should be weighing at least 2 kg each; 3 approaches are performed, 30 squats each.

You can do the usual attacks to the left and right, only with each lunge you need to keep your hands parallel to the floor, not dropping below the shoulders, or parallel to the attacks, bend the arms at the elbows with dumbbells. Do not forget to keep track of your elbows in such an exercise; they must remain fixed.

Dumbbell exercises for women are a great way to put your body in order, butto achieve good results. Do not forget that the weight of sports equipment should be gradually increased.

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