Sessun - haircut with an unusual name

If you want to change or update the image, then start with your hair! An elegant and simultaneously bright image will help to create a haircut "sessun". But before you decide on such changes, find out whether this option is right for you.

What is this haircut?

Fashionable female haircut “sessun” or, as it is called differently, “sessun” or “sesson” is a hairstyle performed most often on short hair. In this embodiment, there is usually a thick bang that cuts off in a semicircle and frames the face.

The rest of the hair is cut around the head and usually does not reach the shoulders. A volume is also created, and not by means of a pile, but with the help of a special graduation in the process of cutting the curls. The result is a stylish haircut that allows you to always look gorgeous, even without styling. The shape is somewhat like a pot, but it looks incredibly feminine and stylish, and it can be appreciated in the photo.

The history of creation of a hairstyle is rooted in 60th years of the last century.At that time, elegance was especially appreciated, and the popular stylist-hairdresser Vidal Sassoon decided to make a real breakthrough. He created a stylish and elegant hairstyle that allowed women not to spend much time laying and always to be stunning.

By the way, the haircut was named after this man. The technique is very complex, and since then it has not changed. It can be mastered by real masters of their craft.


Technique, as already noted above, is complex. Hair is cut thin layers from the back of the head, as a result of the strands overlap each other literally by a few millimeters. The hairdresser skillfully uses his fingers and creates gradations. In addition, the curls are clipped at a certain angle, so that the tips are bent inward.


When creating a hairstyle, you can play with the graduation, with the shape of a bang and with a length. And it allows you to create both restrained and elegant images, as well as more daring, youth and bright. And to choose the right option, consider several points:

  • The shape of the face. If it is round, try playing with the bang, making it oblique. The elongated shape is softened strands, rounded near the chin.Also in this case a rounded long fringe will be appropriate. A square face should be framed shoulder-length curls.
  • Facial features. If the features are large, then do not make the cut too pronounced, it is better to soften it. It is desirable to cover a broad forehead with a long bun. If the cheekbones strongly protrude, then ask the hairdresser to close them with locks. If the face is square, then the master can round the bangs as close as possible. A narrow forehead is desirable to open.
  • The structure and type of hair. If they are thin, then the master will have to try to create a volume. Complex multilevel gradations are used. If the curls are too thick, then excessive volume can, on the contrary, spoil the image. And to create clear lines on curly hair is almost impossible.

Who is going to?

To whom does the haircut "sessun" fit? It should be chosen by both young girls and mature women, there is no age limit. The shape of the face can be almost any, you just need to choose the appropriate execution of hair.

But still the classic "sessun" goes more to the lucky ones with regular features and a long neck. As for the hair, they should be sufficiently obedient, preferably straight and not too thin.The style of clothes can be anything, but the images made in feminine directions, such as boho, classic, retro look more harmonious with this haircut.

Do not fit hair full of girls with short neck, as well as owners of unruly or curly hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

For a start, it is worthwhile to list the benefits of a haircut:

  • A natural volume is created that does not need to be maintained and fixed.
  • Sessun is a bright, stylish and bold, but at the same time elegant and feminine look.
  • You practically do not need to worry about styling. Regular washing and subsequent combing would be enough, especially if you want the daily version.
  • By choosing the appropriate length and graduation, you can slightly adjust the shape of the face.

Now the disadvantages:

  • Since most often the haircut is performed on short hair, the ability to create complex hairstyles will not. Moreover, the curls can not be collected in the tail, they will always be loose.
  • To hairstyle retains its shape and looks neat, you need to often adjust it.
  • To perform this haircut can only an experienced master.
  • This option is not for everyone.

How to pack your hair?

Laying is not complicated at all; any one can handle it. Here are a few options:

  1. You can just wash your head, comb your hair well and allow it to dry.
  2. Twist the tips inward to emphasize the volume. For this, it is most convenient to use brushing and a hairdryer, although tongs are also suitable, but with a plate of sufficiently large diameter.
  3. You can try to play with the parting, he immediately turns a strict and symmetrical "sessun" into a more naughty asymmetrical.
  4. Wind the hair lightly to get light curls.
  5. To create a naughty image, you can slightly curl the tips out. To do this, use a curling iron and pay attention to the strands around the entire circumference of the head. But use only the tips, the length of the curls should remain straight.
  6. Pull out all the locks with an iron so that they become perfectly straight.
  7. Wash your hair, process it with foam or mousse and blow-dry the back of your hair so that the neck strands go ahead.
  8. Make small curls.
  9. Wash your head, treat them with mousse or foam and whip, creating the effect of slight negligence.

Hairstyle "sessun" will transform you if you choose the appropriate option and learn how to create stylish styling!

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