Separate swimsuits

Which swimsuit to choose in order to be the center of attention when going to the beach, to be the sexiest and most attractive? Such a question is put before all the girls before the start of the new holiday season. Most of the fair sex prefer separate models of swimsuits. This type of swimsuit consists of two separate parts: panties and brassiere. This allows you to make many combinations of styles and colors, changing the combination of the upper and lower parts. If you are now in search of new clothes for your beach wardrobe, and you are interested in separate swimsuits, the online store is the best place for such a purchase. Go to the appropriate page of the site, choose your favorite model and place an order - all this will take just a few minutes. Separate swimsuits can be of these types: tank, bikini, halter, gang and svim-dress. Thanks to the skillfully selected split swimsuit, you will not only be able to appear in all its glory on a trendy beach, but also get a smooth and beautiful tan.

A real weapon for seduction

A swimsuit that opens more parts of the body than it hides can be the most serious weapon of a seductress. Due to the fact that designers are constantly improving their models and provide an opportunity to combine the upper and lower parts of swimsuits, such models become not only elegant, they also carry the possibility of body shaping. Thanks to the skillful combination of upper and lower parts, you can achieve a visual correction of body proportions, lengthen short legs or give a small breast volume. Swimsuit can also advantageously emphasize the existing advantages, focusing on this part of the body with a skillfully selected pattern or original decor.

Separate swimsuits are among the most popular models, almost all girls prefer to appear on the beach in separate models. Such a swimsuit maximizes the body for the sun's rays, providing an even tan and interested looks of men, which attracts a young tightened female figure. And if you want to be the center of attention in a fashionable resort, then your choice is separate swimsuit models.

We select the swimsuit correctly

Girls with a seductive female figure can pay attention to the models in which the top detail is made using the push-up technology. The 2014 season will delight fashionistas with swimsuits with bright prints, polka dots and floral themes. Such models will create a bright and memorable image.

High sports girls can afford to choose a strapless swimsuit model on the bodice. Thanks to the open shoulders, your image will become mysterious and feminine, and in addition to getting a smooth tan will not interfere with the extra details on the shoulders and back. If you are a stylish, courageous, and confident girl, then such a model is for you.

Do not go out of fashion this year and swimsuits in the style of bikini, which allow the maximum to open your beautiful body to young girls with perfect forms. This season and such models are decorated with bright prints, patterns in national or nautical style, geometric figures.

Retro style is still in fashion!

Remains relevant and retro-style, as well as classic models of separate swimsuits.The combination of black and white colors will probably always be in trend, and this season the designers have not forgotten to include such models in their collections. Choosing a new swimsuit for the beach season, do not forget about the numerous accessories that can perfectly complement your look, emphasize femininity and originality, the presence of a special style. Even a small detail on a classic swimsuit can drastically change the overall picture. It can be a belt or a ribbon, a decorating element - anything that will make you stand out.

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