Sea souvenir

An unusual thing that can decorate the interior of any room is a hand-painted sea hewn stone. Depending on the chosen pattern, it will become an ornament of a certain room. For example, motifs with exotic fish look great in the bathroom, and cute cupcakes and sweets are appropriate for the kitchen.
 marine souvenir
In order to make such an article you will need:
- paints (gouache, watercolor, acrylic); - set of paint brushes; - simple pencil; - colorless varnish - medium-sized sea pebbles.
you will need to make such crafts
1. In order to look brighter when painting, we initially cover the stone with white gouache using a thick flat brush.
 we cover the stone with white gouache
2. After the white layer dries, use a pencil to sketch the future image. 3. Gently painted stone paints. To do this, you can use both special acrylic paints and ordinary watercolor water or gouache (you need to be careful, as they are lubricated when water drops hit).

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