Dreaming of the sea

How to interpret dreams of the sea?

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What dreams the sea
What dreams the sea

ABC dreams

To dream of the sea means to experience a spiritual uplift, to be ready for new aspirations and creativity.

If the water surface is calm and blue, you will find joy and good luck. If there is a storm on the sea, its waters are restless, you are in for trouble because of the inability to control yourself. Your feelings are not mutual.

East Dream

If you are standing on the shore and see the surging waves, you will have a life full of entertainment, joys, love stories.

If during bad weather you were in the waters, get ready for an argument with a loved one.

If a girl dreamed that the sea is calm and they float along with her lover, everything will go smoothly on a personal front. Expect fulfillment of even the wildest wishes.

Imperial Dream

A dream about the sea symbolizes your spiritual strength and abilities. The element of nature cannot fail to admire: in spite of the fact that sometimes it brings trouble, we like to look at the calm surface and the raging waves.People engaged in navigation do not refuse the chosen path for the sake of the most attractive goods on the coast.

The sea is a natural connoisseur. His contemplation, even from afar, helps to recharge your life force and eliminate stagnation of energy in the body. It improves the state of the human soul, which has a positive effect on the body's work.

To see the endless sea, to admire its infinity means to be in a state of harmony and “fullness”.

If you admire the watery surface that goes beyond the horizon, you are aware of the upcoming life path. Your road is not just a collection of external circumstances and actions. It is a process of perception and awareness of the world around and of oneself. Everything happens gradually and opens over time.

It is impossible to say exactly what the sea is dreaming about: this vision does not lead to real events. It reflects your inner state: your spiritual potential is rich, you feel the unity of the world and your place in it.

If water gives you a feeling of fear, you risk abandoning spiritual development. Then your life will become a sequence of household trifles, you will be fixated on the material.

If you see a stormy sea, pause. Excessive activity in achieving the planned can lead to the opposite result: you will be swept away by the situation you created.

Children's dream book

If you are clearly aware that salt water is around, grief and frustration are waiting for you.

If the water surface is calm, you have nothing to worry about: everything will turn out well.

A dream about a stormy sea promises a large number of diverse events in the near future.

Female dream book

If you see yourself in a dream floating in calm water next to your loved one, you will find joy and prosperity. All desires will come true, and life together will be long and happy.

Moon dream

If you have seen the stormy waves, expect trouble and monetary losses; if you float along the calm surface, you will soon make a profit in a spiritual or material sense.

Intimate dream

The answer to the question of what the sea and the beach dream about can tell a lot about your intimate thoughts and fantasies. If you see the water surface in the distance, then sex for you is something inaccessible and forbidden. It's hard for you to imagine that he is able to give pleasure. It is all about attitude to your appearance: the complexes restrain you, make you keep the tension in the most crucial moments.

If you contemplate the calm water surface, being on the coast or on the deck of a ship, you lack peace of mind. Do not worry: in the near future the long-awaited relax is possible.

To dream of a stormy sea means to have a magnificent night of passion. A real pleasure awaits you, no need to plan: everything is already predetermined.

If you swim in the sea in a dream, in reality you feel great. The source of vital energy for you is a rich intimate life. If you dive under the water, you will soon find out the unpleasant facts.

If your friend is swimming in the water, soon you will help him cope with a serious problem.

Idiomatic dream book

There are a lot of answers to the question “why do I dream of the sea”.

"The sea of ​​something" - excess, diversity.

“The sea is knee-deep” - unwarranted courage.

"Sea Wolf" - an experienced person who knows how to find a way out of a difficult situation.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you float on the waves, your life will soon have a change for the better. You get what you want: money, recovery or love.

If you hear the sound of water in the distance, you will find a lonely and sad life.

The answer to the question, what is the dream of a storm at sea, is a possible loss. If you fell into the water - you are in danger.If you calmly swim next to your beloved - the relationship will develop successfully, or soon you will meet a “soul mate”.

Family Dream

If you watch the calm water surface from the shore, you will find a measured and stable life. Make any serious changes in it now will not succeed, despite all attempts.

If the waters are hectic, get ready for trouble on a personal or professional front.

The answer to the question of what dreams of swimming in the sea depends on the circumstances surrounding you. If the water is calm and you are swimming, tensions with your relatives are possible. Control yourself; your lack of restraint can be the cause of discord. If the water is raging, your life is full of events that are sometimes difficult to understand.

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