Scrapbooking Album

Among needlewomen, the popular direction isscrapbooking album, which uses a variety of materials and techniques to create. As a material for creating the album, you can use colored paper, photos, drawings, buttons and other small things. Everything will be envy solely from the fantasy of the needlewoman and the chosen subject.

Scrapbooking albumsmean using different techniques of technique, and sometimes their combinations in master classes. The main ones are:

  • Cropping, which involves trimming photos to the desired images;
  • stamping, in which applicators and stamps with various applied patterns are used;
  • decoupage, decorating objects with the help of attaching drawings or ornament
  • journaling, with this technique, an inscription or a small tag is placed on a small piece of paper, which briefly describes the photo.

All techniques will allow you to create and design a unique photo album, the main purpose of which is to present the life story in its original key. Especially popular scrapbooking albums began to recruit in the XIX century with intensive development of photography. When they were decorated by hand, they began to create special pockets and decorate the pages of the album. With the help of such albums, you can save memories from a vacation, create your own love story, make a developing book for your child or present an original gift for a wedding celebration.


Do-it-yourself wedding album

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Album

A wedding is a romantic and long-awaited holiday in the life of every young couple, because a new family is born. Everyone tries to make this day simply fabulous, as most often it is the only such day in life that you really want
Photo Album with Teddy Bear

Photo Album with Teddy Bear

Each mother wants to keep a photo of her baby from birth and record every moment of her smooth maturity, starting from the first day of life, then for months, years, and so on. And you also want to take special moments as a memory
Album-book of wishes for the wedding
10 432

Album-book of wishes for the wedding

In the solemn wedding day, there is always a lot of interesting things for the newlyweds, and for all guests. A sea of ​​flowers, gifts, emotions, congratulations and impressions on this day. Accordingly, in order to memorize and capture everything to the smallest detail
Mini Mouse Mouse Album for a little girl

Album with a mouse Mini Mouse for a little girl

Any mother dreams that from the very birth of her little daughter everything was all the best. Clothes, toys, decorations, decoration of the room, everything should be carefully thought out to the smallest detail, so that the eye can rejoice. Daughter grows up and
Album for the girl for the first year of life

Album for a girl for the first year of life

Every mother dreams that her daughter has the best from the first year, so when she just comes into the world she tries to have the most beautiful underpieces, the most beautiful diapers, the brightest rattles and everything to have
Album is a notebook for a boy for the first year of life

Album - a notebook for a boy for the first year of life

The birth of a son is a great joy in the family. The appearance of a little man is an event that is rather long-awaited, responsible and joyful. A child is born and knows the world from the first seconds of her life. After a nine-month stay at my mom's
Memorable album in soft binding

Hardcover album

In the modern world, people are paying more and more attention not so much to the variety of goods as to their exclusivity.For many, a gift made with their own hands is much more desirable than a store bought.

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