Scottish Scottish Straight or Scottish Straight Cat: differences in breed, character, content

The Scottish Scottish Straight is a charming breed that is distinguished by its calm and peaceful nature. In appearance, it is similar to the British Shorthair cats and resembles a cute plush toy due to the special structure of the wool. Such a pet is ideal for family life: one should not expect outbreaks of aggression from him, and the care he needs is minimal.

Scottish Scottish Straight Breed: Character Features

Representatives of this breed are distinguished by a strong body with short paws, a round head and high ears. Variations of color are quite numerous - along with black, chocolate, beige, white shades, there are purple, marble and tortoise colors. The key features of the "Scots": a long tail that tapers to the tip, and a soft coat with a dense undercoat.

Scottish Scottish Straight
The Scottish Scottish Straight has a dense undercoat that you often need to comb
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Scottish straight-eared cat has an amazing temper - the representatives of this breed are kind and peaceful. It is necessary to highlight the following character traits inherent in these animals:

  • Even kittens are rarely naughty in a new house, they quickly learn and adapt, get along well with other animals.
  • This breed can not be influenced by force and aggression. It is necessary to talk, explain, show, and also to look narrowly - if the pet violates the established rules, it can be a signal of the animal being unwell.
  • The Scottish cat will not interfere with the night sleep of its owners, and will not make a loud noise, demanding food and attention. These are very delicate animals. They are not particularly sociable and prefer to remain silent most of the time.

When starting a cat Scottish Straight, it is important to remember one of the main rules - such a pet will not tolerate coercion. No need to force him to sit on his knees or take him to bed. He will come only when he wishes. Therefore, if there are small children in the family, it is imperative to conduct a corresponding conversation with them, warning about this feature of the fluffy pet.

Scottish Scottish Straight: maintenance and care

As for the maintenance of the Scots, unlike many other pedigreed animals, they do not give the owner almost any worries. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by good health and do not need special care. Training to the tray takes only a couple of days - an intelligent and obedient pet will quickly remember the basic rules.

It is necessary to use pastes for breeding wool and to acquire only specialized feed - soft, long wool will clog the cat's stomach of the Scottish Straight, and may cause serious digestive problems. You can not mix food - you must give preference to either ready-made food, or homemade food.

The hygienic procedures required by the animal are standard: you need to regularly clean the ears, trim the claws and brush the wool with a stiff brush. Once every 2-3 months you can bathe your pet - the Scots swim with pleasure and are not afraid of water at all.

Scottish Straight - Scottish straight-line cats, which will be a real gift for any owner. They are smart, calm and not too active, and caring for them comes down to performing basic hygienic procedures and proper selection of the diet.

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