Scientists: the more children - the higher the risk of dementia

If a woman gives birth more than five times, then the probability of Alzheimer's disease increases sharply.

This is incredible, but scientific discoveries bring more and more troubles for women. Especially for mothers with many children. Psychologists and neuroscientists have proved that a woman is becoming stupid on maternity leave. Then, however, the cognitive function of the brain is restored, but if only a woman does not sit at home and does not focus on diapers and dirty dishes. And the recent discovery of scientists will upset those who dream of a big - really big - family.

Scientists set out to understand what causes Alzheimer's disease. Simply put, senile dementia. It is already known that women are more susceptible to this disease than men. And mothers of many children - even more.

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The study involved 3549 women, whose average age was 70 years. All of them passed tests for the state of memory and logical thinking.All of them provided scientists with information about how many times they became pregnant and gave birth. These numbers, you know, can be different: someone had a miscarriage, someone had to go on an abortion. It turned out that those women who had five or more children had Alzheimer's disease developed 70 percent more often than those who were not so prolific.

Scientists believe that this feature may be associated with the production of the hormone estrogen.

“Perhaps moderate estrogen production in the first trimester of pregnancy protects the female brain from Alzheimer's. By the eighth week, the amount of estrogen doubles, and by the end of pregnancy they rise to a peak of 40 times the usual ones, ”explained Ki Won Kim, a professor at the Faculty of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Seoul National University.

Now scientists hope to continue research. Who knows, all of a sudden, with the help of hormone therapy based on estrogen, it will eventually be possible to protect women from the risk of Alzheimer's development — no matter how many children they have.

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