Scary stories at night: people who have disappeared without a trace

They disappear in the fog of time, leaving no trace of them. Their disappearance is often associated with the most unthinkable reasons. And versions are put forward, each of which is more absurd than the other.

Someone thinks that the missing people are captives of space aliens who are kept on one of the planets. However, such an opinion is unlikely to console relatives and will not alleviate suffering. Sometimes they will wait all their life for the return of their loved ones who disappeared under mysterious circumstances and hope for a miracle ...

Children of Beaumont: went to the beach and never returned

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Australia’s Day has become damned for Jim and Nancy Beaumont: a national holiday turned into a terrible tragedy for them. On January 26, 1966, they sent their children to the beach of the Glenelg resort coast, hoping that nine-year-old Jane would take care of the younger Arn and Grant according to family tradition. The children left on the bus at ten in the morning to return home by noon.At the appointed time, they did not appear, and Nancy thought that the children were returning from the beach on foot and were a little late. However, anxiety did not leave her, and she panicked when more than three hours passed.

Evening came, and the children did not return. Rushing from work, Jim, along with Nancy rushed to search. Desperate, poor parents filed a police report. The search for children was carried out throughout South Australia, but all attempts to detect even the slightest traces were unsuccessful. The version that the children could have drowned did not receive evidence. In this strange and mysterious affair there was a certain blond man, a young man who was allegedly seen alongside Jane, Arna and Grant.

The behavior of the children seen in the Wenzel confectionery shop remained completely incomprehensible. Here they bought several pies and a cake, paying with a one-pound note, although, as Nancy claimed, she gave out eight shillings and six pence for out-of-pocket expenses.

Norfolk Regiment: 267 people disappeared without a trace

The story of his disappearance on the battlefield during the First World War is one of the most mysterious and mysterious. On August 25, 1915, a whole British regiment with officers, storming the positions of the Turkish army under Gallipoli, entered the forest and disappeared from view.No shots were heard, not the slightest rustle: 267 people disappeared without a trace. The reports of the British company said that the regiment absorbed the fog of unknown origin. But this hasty conclusion only confused the situation. Of course, it was easier to blame the Turkish military for this dark matter: they say that they killed a bunch of people in an unknown way. However, none of them even knew about the existence of such a unit. The British, being victorious, began the search for the Norfox Regiment.

At first, they were very lucky: on the battlefield, they found cockades, boots, and shoulder straps for servicemen who confirmed their belonging to the missing unit. And having found hundreds of corpses in the same village, they hurried to say that the regiment was heroically killed in battle. Although even with the naked eye it was possible to notice some inconsistencies. For example, the impression was that the dead were dropped from a great height. This was evidenced by numerous fractures on the corpses, their dispersion over the territory.

In the early 70s of the last century, when the archives for the mysterious disappearance of the Norfox Regiment became public, a real boom began in the scientific world.Each of the scientists put forward his hypothesis of a historical incident. But all, figuratively speaking, the British ufology surpassed. They claimed that the cloud of obscure origin was a UFO. Like, part of the regiment was killed by aliens, and the other was taken with them.

April Fabb: went to visit her sister on a bicycle and disappeared

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All of Britain was agitated by this tragic event. A thirteen-year-old girl from Norfolk disappeared in broad daylight. April 8, 1969 April went on a bicycle to visit her sister in a nearby village. The truck driver was the only witness who saw the girl for the last time. She seemed to have sunk into the water, disappearing without a trace. The April Fabb bike was discovered not far from the field. The police searched the whole area, but the search did not bring results.

Later, investigators will try to link this case with the disappearance in 1978 of a young girl, Janet Tate, in whom, according to police, the famous murderer of children Robert Black was implicated. However, this version had to be abandoned: there was no direct evidence of his involvement in the disappearance of April.The case of the missing girl is still the most mysterious in the history of Britain.

Sodder's children from Fayetteville: disappeared from their room when the fire started

It happened on Christmas Eve 1945. Maurice, Martha, Louis, Jenny and Betty Sodder blithely walked through the night streets, not worrying at all that they were very late. Meanwhile, their other brothers and sisters with their parents slept peacefully in their beds. But in the middle of the night the mother suddenly heard loud noises coming from the roof. After a moment, she suddenly realized that the house was set on fire. The smell of smoke and the fiery glow made the woman raise her family to her feet. They climbed out to escape the fire.

Then the parents began to search for the stairs in order to reach the upper floor and rescue Betty, Jenny, Maurice, Martha and Louis from the fiery captivity. However, the search ended in failure. When the firefighters arrived, only his remains were smoldering on the site. But it was not possible to find bodies among the ashes. Grieving parents explained to the police that, apparently, someone had kidnapped the children and set fire to the house to cover the traces of the crime.

The investigators were unable to give a clear answer to many of the questions that were asked of them.And, in all likelihood, put the mysterious case on the shelf. In 1968, parents received a strange photo in the mail. It depicted a young man, and in the reverse photo was the caption: "Louis Sodder." The poor parents until the death believed that it was their missing son, despite the fact that the police failed to establish the identity of the person.

Nicole Maureen: disappeared in her own house, without leaving it

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Mentally incomprehensible, but the eight-year-old girl disappeared without leaving the huge building, which has 20 floors. True, one of the tenants claimed that he saw Nicole approaching the elevator. July 30, 1985 the girl, having received farewell to her mother, left the apartment. She hurried to the pool, and her friend was already waiting for her. But after a while the apartment was called - on the threshold stood Nicole's girlfriend and asked why she was late and did not leave the house.

In search of the girls were involved the best police forces of Toronto. They surveyed literally every floor of the house, trying to find traces of Nicole Maureen’s presence. Even in our day, the authorities were forced to admit that the girl’s disappearance had not moved a single step.This recognition, of course, did not comfort the parents, who also spent a lot of energy in search of their daughter.

Barbara Bolik: disappeared when her friend turned away

This case cannot be explained at all. An elderly woman from Corvallis, Montana, was known as a great lover of hiking in the mountains. And one day, along with his friend Jim Ramaker, who came from California, went on another journey. The picturesque places, stretched under their feet, deceived by their beauty the companion Barbara Bolik. For the sake of this spectacle, he made a minute pause, and when he turned around, he did not see Barbara. Jim searched every corner of his journey, but he never found it. He sounded the alarm and called the police, who also could not find traces of Barbara Bolik.

It seemed that the woman seemed to have fallen through the ground. Naturally, the suspicion initially fell on Jim Ramaker. But the investigation proved that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Barbara. And so far this story is full of secrets and mysteries: it’s hard to imagine that a person whom you saw a moment ago, suddenly dissolves in space and disappears forever from your field of vision.

Dorothy Arnold: went shopping and did not return

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With a book in her hand and a package containing half a pound of chocolate, she went on an easy walk to Central Park in New York to disappear forever from this city. It happened on December 12, 1910. Bright beauty Dorothy Arnold left the house to choose a new dress for the next ball. A young secular girl and a rich heiress was the pride of the local community. In addition, she was considered an aspiring writer. True, someone doubted her talent, but Dorothy’s beauty, which attracted almost all the enviable grooms of New York, wrote off everything. Strange, but the parents announced the disappearance of his daughter only after six weeks. Perhaps in this way they wanted to avoid unnecessary noise, but it turned out all the way around. The whole city was shocked by this news.

Active searches for girls only spawned versions, but did not bring positive results. It was rumored that Dorothy could have escaped to Europe, trying to get rid of excessive parental care. But this assumption was immediately swept away: the appearance of a young beauty here would not have gone unnoticed.

Maura Murray: disappeared at the scene of the accident

A few days before the incident, the parents noticed the strange behavior of their daughter. The girl seemed afraid of someone, but she did not dare to tell about her fears. On February 9, 2004, a student at the University of Massachusetts Maura Murray sent an email to teachers and employers stating that she had to leave because of the death of a family member. Although in fact this did not happen. Why Maura did it remains a mystery. In the evening of February 9, the girl had an accident, crashing into a tree. And two days earlier, she broke another car. The bus driver who witnessed the accident offered assistance to Maura. However, she refused. Worried about the fate of the girl, the driver still called the police.

Arriving at the scene, she did not find Maura. Probably, the girl stopped a passing car and asked her to give a lift. It was this version that the police adhered to at first. A day later, Maura's boyfriend, who lives in Oklahoma, received a voice message from her, interrupted by sobs. Parents of the girl were sure that her daughter was kidnapped and kept in an unknown place. But more than a decade has passed, and the police did not even have any clue to find her.

Percy Fawcett: disappeared during the expedition

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He was one of the most famous travelers of his time. Fearless explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett visited almost every corner of Brazil and Bolivia, where no man’s foot had gone. And he was obsessed with finding the lost city of Zet in the Amazon jungle. Percy even deduced the theory that his tracks should be searched for in the Mato Grosso area of ​​Brazil. With his dream of the possibility of a sensational discovery, Fawcett enthralled his eldest son Jack and his friend Raleigh Rimmel.

In 1925, they set off on a journey to disappear forever in the wilds of the Amazonian jungle. Several expeditions were equipped to find traces of brave explorers. Of course, each of the participants was well aware that he risked his life, facing face to face with wild nature, which was fraught with many dangers, with tribes of local Aborigines, who were not always friendly to meet foreigners. And hundreds of people died, and unraveling the mystery of the disappearance of Colonel Percy Fawcett. One can only assume that they have become victims of a tropical disease, attacks by predatory animals or were killed by natives.

Annette Sagers: disappeared a year after her mother disappeared

This story with a kind of mystical bloom and is still considered one of the most mysterious in America. Judge for yourself: Corrina Sagers Malinoski, a 26-year-old resident of Berkeley County (South Carolina), disappears first. The statement about her disappearance came to the police on November 21, 1987. The woman's car was discovered near the Mount Holly Plantation. But this fact did not give the police a single chance to find even the slightest traces of Corrina. And almost in a year in the beginning of October her eight-year-old daughter Annette Sagers disappears.

By a strange coincidence, the school bus stop was opposite the unfortunate Mount Holly plantation. Annette disappeared before the arrival of the bus, leaving a note with the following words: “Dad, Mom returned. Hug for me brothers. Experts have found that the handwriting belongs to her. However, this circumstance did not affect the results of searches of the mother and daughter of Sagers. They are still missing, and the hope of finding them is melting every day. It is worth noting that in 2000, an unknown call to the police agitated the investigators.After all, the stranger reported that Annette was buried in Sumter County. But it was not possible to find her grave, and the case of the disappearance of the girl is still considered unsolved.

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