5 Easy Ways To Save Money (0 EVERY MONTH!)

Save 0+ in 30 Days

Tamara Schlesinger

Get Gorgeous Hair for No Cash

Try this tactic to get a fancy haircut for free (yep, free). Upscale salons often have teaching nights for new employees, and they need hair "models" — that'd be you and your hot locks — for the stylists-in-training to practice on. It's supervised, and most places will have a pro improve your style if you aren't totally satisfied.


Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Big chain grocery stores mark down items every 12 weeks — it's pretty standard practice. So when you see something you regularly buy on sale, grab a few of them to last you those three months until the next discount. That way, you're always getting a deal.

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SAVINGS: About 0

Lose Pounds for Free

Exercising is painful enough, so having to cough up dough for a gym membership really freakin' hurts. We've found a way around that: A few weeks before you need to get into shape, sign up for trial memberships with a variety of gyms — most offer a free one-week test run. Schedule them so they're back-to-back and you'll get about a month of free access to exercise equipment.


Upgrade Ladies' Night

Next time you have the girls over for wine and cheese, ask your wine shop which "second labels" it sells. High-end wineries typically make more vino than they can unload under their pricey "first label," so they put leftovers in a different bottle. They are way cheaper but taste almost the same.


Score an Instant Discount

To snag unbeatable prices on anything from spa packages to restaurant meals to dance classes, sign up for daily e-mails from Groupon.com, a service that gets local businesses to offer killer deals ranging from 50 percent to 90 percent off.


Buy an iPod for Way Less

Youcouldpay full price for that Mac or iPhone...or you could click on "Special Deals" at the bottom-left corner of store.apple.com. It has refurbished products, like an iPod Touch for off. Apple's warranty guarantees they're as good as new.


Save Money on a Sexy Date

Snuggling up to your guy in a dark theater is one of the best ways to spend an evening — but ticket prices are crazy expensive these days. So check out Bulktix.com, where you can order discounted vouchers for major chains, like AMC and Cinemark. You have to purchase a four-pack, but you'll save up to .75 per ticket, and they never expire.

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SAVINGS: About .50

Sip This Cheap, Yummy Coffee Drink

Your latte habit adds up, but ditching it has bad, cranky consequences. So try ordering a misto instead. It's made with half coffee, half steamed milk, and you can always ask for a bit of your favorite flavored syrup. It tastes almost identical to a latte (the only difference is it's coffee, not espresso), and you'll get your fix for about a buck less.


Find a Fast Deal

Save at your favorite restaurants and shops just by checking out their Twitter posts. Many places are now tweeting discounts, and if you sign up for their feed, you'll get in on exclusive bargains that often aren't publicized.

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